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Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

Number 3, 2016

  • 250-252
    Present outlook of anatomy in medical education
    Authors: Present outlook of anatomy in medical education D.N. Sinha
    Number of views: 306
  • 253-255
    Beneficial effects of OM chanting on depression, anxiety, stress and cognition in elderly women with hypertension
    Authors: Arati Amin, Sai Sailesh Kumar, Archana Rajagopalan, Supriya Rajan, Soumya Mishra, Udaya Kumar Reddy,
    Number of views: 440
  • 256-259
    A comparative study of isometric handgrip test between pregnant and non – pregnant women
    Authors: Khundmeer Banu Athani, Rajashekhar R.K.
    Number of views: 316
  • 260-264
    Assessing the existing learning methodology in physiology: a feedback study from students of two medical colleges in Northern India
    Authors: Sabita Yograj, Anjali Nadir Bhat, Geetika Gupta, Leela Kalsotra, Rajiv Kumar Gupta
    Number of views: 325
  • 265-268
    Anatomical variations of caecum and appendix: A cadveric study in Mysore based population
    Authors: Vidya CS, Vasantha Kuberappa
    Number of views: 405
  • 269-272
    “Effect of mode of delivery: normal, induced and caesarean section on neonatal serum bilirubin”
    Authors: Abha Gupta, Pratibha Gupta, S. Syed Liyakath Ali, Sudhanshu Gupta
    Number of views: 408
  • 273-278
    Prolonged health benefits by alteration in plasma Interleukin-6 and fasting blood sugar with graded exercise in individuals with varied BMI
    Authors: Ambarish Vijayaraghana, Kirthana Kunikullaya, Radhika Kunnavil
    Number of views: 335
  • 279-289
    A comparative study of cardiovascular autonomic functions in healthy urban postmenopausal women
    Authors: Anita Deshpande, Vijayeendra Kanabur, Sumangala Patil, Salim Dhundasi
    Number of views: 288
  • 282-286
    A cross sectional study of variations in the external carotid artery in cadavers
    Authors: Anjalee Govindrao Ovhal, Mohammad Mujahid Ansari, Lakshmi Rajgopal
    Number of views: 290
  • 287-290
    A study of the internal diameter of popliteal artery, anterior and posterior tibial arteries in cadavers
    Authors: Anjali Vishwanath Telang, Mangesh Lone, M Natarajan
    Number of views: 741
  • 291-296
    Study of glenoid and humerus head version in adult human skeleton
    Authors: Deepali Rajesh Kate, Ajay Chandanwale, Bahetee BH
    Number of views: 327
  • 302-304
    Variations in the branching pattern of femoral artery in full term human fetuses
    Authors: Shiny Vinila BH, Lalitha B, Sridevi NS, Swetha N
    Number of views: 325
  • 305-308
    Morphometric analyses of atlas vertebrae- A cross sectional study
    Authors: Lalitha B, Ephraim Vikram Rao, Shiny Vinila BH
    Number of views: 288
  • 309-317
    Histogenesis of developing human liver in Marathwada region of Maharashtra
    Authors: Mohammed Mujahid Ansari, Anjalee G. Ovhal, Shyam Sunder Rao
    Number of views: 384
  • 318-321
    ‘Voluntary body donation’ - a survey of awareness among teaching staff of medical colleges in Nagpur
    Authors: Monali Prakash Hiwarkar, Yashwant Ramkrishna Kulkarni
    Number of views: 338
  • 322-325
    Effect of local anesthetic instillation intraperitoneally on post-op pain relief after laparoscopic cholecystectomy
    Authors: Neeraj Kumar Banoria, Surya Prakash, Shaily, Om Kumar Sharma
    Number of views: 321
  • 326-331
    Analysis of the Morphological Variations between Musculocutaneous Nerve and Median Nerve -A cadaveric study
    Authors: Neeraj T. Master, Deepa S. Gupta
    Number of views: 399
  • 332-335
    Morphometric analysis of peroneus brevis muscle in adult human cadavers
    Authors: Poonam Verma, Seema
    Number of views: 380
  • 336-338
    Effective physiology teaching methods: from the perspective of first year MBBS students
    Authors: Rajani Santhakumari Nagothu, Yogananda Reddy Indla, Rajesh Paluru
    Number of views: 319
  • 339-342
    Impact of obesity on peak expiratory flow rate in different age groups
    Authors: Kanavi Roopa Shekharappa, Smilee Johney S, Vedawathi KJ
    Number of views: 307
  • 343-347
    Estimation of human stature from ulnar length in rural region of Maharashtra
    Authors: Anjali Krishna Prasad, Satya Narayan Shukla, Abhishek Dinesh Kumar
    Number of views: 430
  • 348-350
    A study of Dermatoglyphics in relation with blood groups among first year MBBS students in Malabar Medical College
    Authors: Deepalaxmi Salmani, Suja Purushothaman, Gopalakrishna, Laveesh Ravindran, Santhi Reghu Nath, Bishar
    Number of views: 319
  • 351-356
    Sexing of hyoid bone based on shapes
    Authors: Sayeda Sadia Sameera, Syeda Nasreen Fatima, Gulam Mustafa Faisal
    Number of views: 427
  • 357-361
    The Morphometric study of human fetal suprarenal glands at various gestational ages
    Authors: Suresh Kumar T, Satish Kumar S, Minu Rekha B
    Number of views: 298
  • 373-376
    Palmar angles: its significance in type 2 diabetes mellitus
    Authors: Shubha Srivastava, Kuldeep Singh
    Number of views: 327
  • 377-381
    Alteration in autonomic reactivity from hypothyroid to euthyroid status
    Authors: Anjali Nadir Bhat, Sabita Yograj, Rakesh Bahl
    Number of views: 299
  • 382-384
    “Primary Grynfeltt’s - lumbar hernia” – a rare case
    Authors: Chaudhary Ramkaran, Brijendra Singh
    Number of views: 339
  • 385-386
    Lobulated spleen with a fissure on diaphragmatic surface
    Authors: Kumaraswami B Hiremath
    Number of views: 284
  • 387-390
    Sub lingual thyroid - a case report
    Authors: Nasreen Fatima Syeda, Sadia Sameera Syeda
    Number of views: 307

Number 2, 2016

  • 106-107
    Correlation of PEFR with BMI in men of age Group 25-40 Years at RIMS, Raichur
    Authors: Ayesha Anjum, Vijay Krishnan K, Praveen Patil
    Number of views: 500
  • 108-112
    Study of Complete ossification of the superior transverse scapular ligament in Human dry Scapulae
    Authors: Rekha BS, Divya Shanthi D’sa
    Number of views: 360
  • 113-116
    Influence of short term integrated approach of yoga therapy on quality of living in patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus
    Authors: Bhanu R, Vinutha Shankar MS, Karthiyanee Kutty
    Number of views: 304
  • 117-119
    Title Weight of human placenta and maternal and fetal parameters: An Observational study
    Authors: Jadhav Bhaudas Khanderao, Sant Sudhir Madhukar, Pandave Harshal Tukaram.
    Number of views: 383
  • 120-124
    Peer Assisted Tutorial to cultivate self-directed learning practice among first year medical students in Anatomy
    Authors: Deepa Bhat, Pushpalatha K.
    Number of views: 477
  • 135-138
    Impact of iron deficiency anemia on cognition of school children of South India
    Authors: Padmini Thalanjeri, Harish Karanth, Vinutha Shankar MS, Karthiyanee Kutty.
    Number of views: 569
  • 139-144
    Serum testosterone as predictor of pathological stage in prostate cancer
    Authors: Rajkumar, Satyendra Kumar, Pankaj Sonaukiya
    Number of views: 344
  • 149-154
    Sonographic Evaluation of Renal Dimensions and their Correlation with Gender, Weight, and Height in Normal Young Adults of Uttar Pradesh Region
    Authors: Ruchi Jain, Jyoti Chopra, Punita Manik, Pradeep Kumar Sharma, Ajay Kumar Srivastava, Varun Arora.
    Number of views: 355
  • 155-160
    Gender based alteration in autonomic activity in young adults
    Authors: abita Yograj, Geetika Gupta, Mumtaz, Anjali Nadir Bhat, Rajiv Kumar Gupta.
    Number of views: 409
  • 161-162
    Study of HPV in Different Religious Groups
    Authors: Krupa Sailaja Tadepalli, Pariplavi Mokkapati, Sreedhar Bunga.
    Number of views: 337
  • 163-166
    Effect of stress during university examination on the differential leucocyte count (DLC), Heart Rate (HR), and Blood Pressure (BP)
    Authors: Sanjay Kumar, Kunal, D.K. Jha, Shipra Das.
    Number of views: 336
  • 167-172
    Assessment of resting cardiorespiratory parameters in the chronic pain patients
    Authors: Atanu Roy, Sanjeev K. Singh.
    Number of views: 289
  • 173-176
    A comparative study on cardiovascular parameters in Normal & Type 2 Diabetes mellitus patients
    Authors: Syeda Samina, Saima Aziz.
    Number of views: 355
  • 177-181
    Morphometric and Morphological Analysis of Height of Commissures of Normal Adult Human Formalin Fixed Mitral Valve
    Authors: Abhijeet Yadav, Siddharth Shankar Roy.
    Number of views: 352
  • 182-185
    Impaired Glucose Tolerance – A cross Sectional Study among Middle Aged Individuals
    Authors: Sujatha B., Pradeepa M.
    Number of views: 317
  • 186-188
    Sex determination from hard palate measurements using palatine index with reference to its clinical implications
    Authors: Meera Jacob, Bindhu S., Ramakrishna Avadhani.
    Number of views: 432
  • 189-194
    Evaluation of pulmonary functions in petrol pump workers
    Authors: Sumathi P, N. Neelambikai.
    Number of views: 304
  • 195-199
    The Anatomical Study of Superior and Middle Turbinates from Endoscopic Perspective
    Authors: Gayatri Girish Muthiyan, Shanta Sunil Hattangdi, Payal Arvind Kasant.
    Number of views: 346
  • 200-204
    Visual evoked potential as an early marker of diabetic retinopathy
    Authors: Farisa Khatoon, Farah Bahmed, Nazeema Khatoon.
    Number of views: 373
  • 205-208
    A Study to Evaluate the Involvement of Parasympathetic Nervous System in Tension Type Headache
    Authors: Mukta Pritam Bidikar, Gayatri Jayasing Jagtap, Rahul T Chakor.
    Number of views: 351
  • 209-212
    The level of terminal division of the ulnar nerve into superficial and deep branches- A Cadaveric Study
    Authors: Harish Gaikwad, Rajneesh Pandey.
    Number of views: 289
  • 213-216
    Influence of age and regular exercise on blood pressure in male subjects
    Authors: Jayalakshmi M.K., Chandrashekhar.
    Number of views: 314
  • 217-229
    A Roentgenologic study of epiphyseal union around elbow joints in boys and girls of Bastar Region’
    Authors: Nandanwar RA, Wahane AM, Dange NS.
    Number of views: 355
  • 230-233
    Ossified Pterygospinous Ligament-An anomaly in the infratemporal region of human Skulls and its applied importance
    Authors: Rashmi Ghai, Shilpi Jain, Satyam Khare, Chhitij Anand, Alok Tripathi, RK Kaushik.
    Number of views: 396
  • 234-238
    Effect of glycemic status on carotid artery stiffness and cerebral blood flow
    Authors: Shalini Sharma, Mukesh Kumar, Hitender Kumar, Manjeet Singh, Vivek Sharma.
    Number of views: 360
  • 239-242
    Changing trends in the epidemiology and presentation of gall stone disease in Bundelkhand region of Northern India
    Authors: Suryaprakash, Shantanu Tyagi, Aarti Tyagi
    Number of views: 402
  • 243-247
    Dermatoglyphic Study in Bipolar Disorder
    Authors: Mahima Shrivastava, Rajendra Kumar Mathur, Vineet Dhaneria, Samata Goyal
    Number of views: 482
  • 248-249
    Variation in origin of left testicular artery- Case Report
    Authors: N P Singh, Vikram Modi.
    Number of views: 333

Number 1, 2016

  • 1-3
    Muscular Performance during different phases of Menstrual cycle
    Authors: Amruta S Bennal, Varsha Chavan, R.H Taklikar, Anant Takalkar
    Number of views: 511
  • 4-7.
    Effectiveness of educational card games as a supplementary educational tool in academic performance
    Authors: Amruta S Bennal, Varsha Chavan, R.H Taklikar, Anant Takalkar.
    Number of views: 364
  • 8-12
    Prevalence of Anemia in Second trimester – The rural Lucknow experience
    Authors: Rubeena Bano, Divya Swami, Shah Mohd Abbas Waseem, Nadeem Ahmad
    Number of views: 466
  • 13-15
    Semen Analysis in Male Infertility
    Authors: DrugkarAmol Z.,Gosewade N.B.,Gangane S.D., More Rakhi M., Drugkar Swati A.
    Number of views: 595
  • 16-20
    Hematological manifestations of occupational stress: A cross sectional study on middle aged bank employees
    Authors: Aswini Dutt R, Shobith Bangera, Sampritha Chandra
    Number of views: 395
  • 21-23
    Evaluation of Thyroid Hormone Dysfunction in Patients of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
    Authors: Kuldeep Chandel, Ram Babu Singh, Sudhir Kumar, Archit Gupta, Kshitiz Nath
    Number of views: 403
  • 24-26
    A study of 2nd to 4th digit ratio (2D:4D) in relation to hypertension in north Indian males and its implications for risk factors in coronary heart disease
    Authors: Ravinder Kumar Yadav, Manju Bala
    Number of views: 534
  • 27-29
    Cardiovascular Autonomic Functional Modulation in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – A Cross Sectional Study
    Authors: Nagalakshmi Vijaykumar, Suresh P Badiger, Sharankumar TM, Shobha C Nallulwar
    Number of views: 395
  • 30-33
    First Sacral Pedicle – A Morphometric Analysis
    Authors: Nirmala Devi Murugesan, Mathivanan Dharmalingam
    Number of views: 428
  • 34-36
    Study of Serum Triglyceride in obese and non-obese subject
    Authors: Dharmishtha Chawada, Pawan Goyal, Deepak Howale, D.P. Pandit
    Number of views: 479
  • 37-40
    Study of surgical landmarks of mandibular foramen for inferior alveolar nerve block: An Osteological study
    Authors: Qudusia Sultana, Shariff M.H, Ramakrishna Avadhani
    Number of views: 465
  • 41-44
    Primary nutrient foramina of tibia and fibula and their surgical implications
    Authors: Venkatesh Kamath, Muhammed Asif, Shivarama Bhat, Ramakrishna Avadhani
    Number of views: 448
  • 45-49
    Anatomy museums of southern India and medical education: An original research
    Authors: Venkatesh Kamath, Shivarama Bhat, Muhammed Asif, Ramakrishna Avadhani
    Number of views: 380
  • 50-54
    Study of Arterial Pattern & Its Correlation with the Shape of Human Placenta by Corrosion Cast Method
    Authors: Anshu Gupta, Vikas Mahla, Vasundhara, Kulshreshtha, Shikky Garg, Richa Singh
    Number of views: 352
  • 55-60
    Correlation of Femur Head Diameters with Gestational age of Human Fetuses
    Authors: Bindu Singh, Sajjad Jafar, Shalini Gupta, Prateek Gautam
    Number of views: 390
  • 61-64
    Morphometric considerations of articular surfaces of calcaneum, occurrence of enthesophytes and evolutionary significance of cuboidal facet
    Authors: Prakash KG, Viveka S
    Number of views: 500
  • 65-71
    Study of Morphometric Variations in the Nutrient Foramina of Fibula in Central Rajasthan
    Authors: Manish Dev Sharma, Anjana Mathur, Ashok Kumar Nagar, Ranjana Barjatiya, Praveen Chouhan, Sushila She
    Number of views: 381
  • 72-77
    Body Mass Index an Important Anthropometric Parameter to Predict Health-Risk in Adult Population of Bastar Region of Chhattisgarh: A cross sectional study at GMC Jagdalpur
    Authors: Mohammad Mujahid Ansari, M. Ashraf Khan, R. K. Zargar
    Number of views: 385
  • 78-82
    Estimation of Height from Measurement of Foot Breadth and Foot Length in Adult Population of Rajasthan
    Authors: Vineet Dhaneria, Mahima Shrivastava, Rajendra Kumar Mathur, Samata Goyal
    Number of views: 448
  • 83-85
    Evaluation of Hand Grip Strength in Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Table Tennis Players
    Authors: Vishrutha K. V, Arati P Rao, Prarthana K.G, Chaitra. U
    Number of views: 569
  • 86-90
    A Study of Morphometric Variations of Celiac Trunk Using Computed Tomographic Angiography
    Authors: Hamzah M. Hafezji, Deepa S. Gupta
    Number of views: 477
  • 91-96
    Sexual Dimorphism in Human Sacrum in Maharshtra Population
    Authors: Renuka S. Ahankari, M.P.Ambali
    Number of views: 431
  • 97-100
    Decreased male fertility potential increase blood pressure reactivity
    Authors: Amit Kant Singh, Shailendra Pal Singh, Brig. T. Prabhakar, Mohan Singh, Pankaj Kumar Jain, Santosh K
    Number of views: 393
  • 101-105
    Assessment of learning style preferences among students
    Authors: Vishrutha K.V, Prarthana K.G, Chaitra U, Vandana
    Number of views: 473

Number 4, 2015

  • 164-168
    Presence of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Adolescent Girls of Jammu District and its Effect in their Physical Performance
    Authors: Anjali Nadir Bhat, Sabita Yograj, Manisha Sahi
    Number of views: 450
  • 169-173
    The Relation between development of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension and location of placenta among the pregnant women in Bastar Region
    Authors: Rajeshree A. Nandanwar, Abhilasha M. Wahane, Narendra S. Dange
    Number of views: 461
  • 174-176
    Effect of Short Term Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy on Memory Scores in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients
    Authors: Bhanu R., Vinutha Shankar MS, Karthiyanee Kutty
    Number of views: 530
  • 177-180
    Forced Vital Capacity (FVC), Forced Expiratory Volume in 1st Second (FEV1) and Forced Expiratory Ratio (FEV1/FVC) In Petrol Pump Workers at Jhalawar and Jhalarapatan (Rajasthan)
    Authors: Himanshu Sharma, Shashikant Agarwal
    Number of views: 485
  • 181-184
    Influence of Exercise on Pulmonary Function tests in young individuals
    Authors: Soundariya K, Neelambikai N
    Number of views: 371
  • 185-189
    Sural Nerve Conduction in Healthy Nigerians: Reference Values and Impact of Age
    Authors: Lukman Femi Owolabi, Sunday Adebisi, Barnabas Danborno, Adekunle Adebayo Buraimoh
    Number of views: 435
  • 190-198
    Calculation of Difficulty Index of Soft tissue Spotters in Anatomy: An Advance, Novel Method of Assessment in University Examination, A Cross Sectional Study at GMC Jagdalpur Chhattisgarh
    Authors: Ansari Mohammad Mujahid, Ovhal Anjalee, Khan M Ashraf, Zargar R K
    Number of views: 465
  • 199-203
    A Study of Various Forms of Mandibular Coronoid Process in Determination of Sex
    Authors: Mouna Subbaramaiah, Roshni Bajpe, S.R.Jagannatha, K.S. Jayanthi
    Number of views: 482
  • 204-207
    Prognostic significance of platelet count in Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
    Authors: Vinod Prabhushetty T, Ramachandra G Latti
    Number of views: 462
  • 208-211
    Idiopathic Hyperhidrosis; Is response to Parasympathetic function test altered?
    Authors: Latha G.S, Nagaraja Puranik, Kammar K.F, Shivakumar J
    Number of views: 400
  • 212-215
    Study of Cadaveric Liver Lobe Anomaly
    Authors: Ranjana Singh Arya, Ramesh Chandra Arya, Amit Kumar, Kamaljit Basan, Balbir Singh, Shiksha Jangde
    Number of views: 410
  • 216-218
    Studyof FVC, FEV1&FEV1/FVCin pregnant women residing near polluted areas of western Rajasthan, India” -a longitudinal study
    Authors: Tilwani Khemlata, Maheshwari Madhurima, Jangid Priya, Tilwani R K, Rajnee, Ojha K C.
    Number of views: 444
  • 223-225
    Co-Relation of Family History of Hypertension with Hypertension in the Young Male Adults in Western Rajasthan
    Authors: Priya Jangid, Khemlata Tilwani, Madhurima Maheshwari, Mukesh Nagal, N.D. Soni.
    Number of views: 439

Number 3, 2015

  • 111-116
    Estimation of Fetal Gestational Age in Second & Third Trimesters from Ultrasonographic Measurements of Different Fetal Biometric Parameters
    Authors: Kuldeep Kumar, Mirza R.U. Beg, C.S. Ramesh Babu, R. K. Shrivastava
    Number of views: 650
  • 117-121
    A Comparative Study of Color Pattern Reversal Visual Evoked Potential in Type 2 Diabetics and Normal Individuals
    Authors: Dayananda G, Thejaswini KO, Ruthvik S Murthy, Srinivasa R
    Number of views: 431
  • 126-130
    Relationship between Digit Ratio (2D:4D) and Neck Circumference
    Authors: N. Neelambikai, M. Sowmya
    Number of views: 511
  • 131-134
    Prediction of Stature based on Measurement of Hand Length in Maharashtra Region
    Authors: Wakode N S, Wakode S L, Ksheersagar D D, Tajane V D, Jachak A N
    Number of views: 403
  • 135-139
    Incidence of Ponticles in Human Atlas Vertebrae - A Study from South Gujarat Population
    Authors: Nitixa P. Patel, Deepa S.Gupta, Nisha D. Parmar
    Number of views: 463
  • 140-144
    Impact of Isometric Exercise on IOP
    Authors: Rajkumar Banner, Subhash Chimkode, K Satyavati
    Number of views: 765
  • 145-147
    Expression of Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP) in the Trigeminal Ganglion of Male Wistar Rats
    Authors: P.K. Sankaran, M.Kumaresan, G. Karthikeyan, Yuvaraj M
    Number of views: 477
  • 148-153
    Two Dimensional Ultrasonographic Study of Placental Maturity and Its Correlation with Gestational Age and Maternal Parameters
    Authors: Mumal Nagwani, Pradeep Kumar Sharma, Urmila Singh, Anita Rani, Seema Malhotra
    Number of views: 441
  • 154-156
    Study of Cephalic Index in Indian Muslim Female Students- A Study in Ajmer Zone
    Authors: Praveen Chouhan, Anjana Mathur, Ranjana Bardjatiya, Mohd. Amaan
    Number of views: 400
  • 157-161
    Determination of Sex from Morphometry of Hyoid Bone
    Authors: K.D.V. Santhi Priya, D. Ranzeetha
    Number of views: 450
  • 162-163
    Atlas Vertebra with Centrum a Case Report Seen in Dry Bone
    Authors: Gokul Krishna Reddy Nune, Smruti Rekha Mohanty, Minati Patra, S. Ch. Mohapatra, L. P. Tripathy
    Number of views: 458

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