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Indonesian Journal on Geoscience

Number 1 vol 3, 2016

  • 10
    Hydrogeological Model of an Urban City in a Coastal Area, Case study: Semarang, Indonesia
    Authors: Thomas Triadi Putranto and Thomas R. Rüde
    Number of views: 329
  • 15
    Kinematic Analysis of Fault-Slip Data in the Central Range of Papua, Indonesia
    Authors: Benyamin Sapiie
    Number of views: 518

Number 2 volume 3, 2015

  • 9
    Facies and Diagenetic Level of the Upper Cibulakan and Parigi Formation, in Randegan and Palimanan Area
    Authors: Moeh. Ali Jambak
    Number of views: 334
  • 12
    A Reinterpretation of the Baturetno Formation: Stratigraphic Study of the Baturetno Basin, Wonogiri, Central Java
    Authors: Purna Sulastya Putra
    Number of views: 366
  • 12
    Precipitation of Calcite during the Deposition of Paleogene Sangkarewang Oil Shale, Ombilin Basin, West Sumatra, Indonesia
    Authors: Agus Haris Widayat
    Number of views: 398
  • 17
    Metamorphic Evolution of Garnet-bearing Epidote-Barroisite Schist from the Meratus Complex in South Kalimantan, Indonesia
    Authors: Nugroho Imam Setiawan
    Number of views: 444
  • 17
    Genesis of Pb-Zn-Cu-Ag Deposits within Permian Carboniferous-Carbonate Rocks in Madina Regency, North Sumatra
    Authors: Bhakti Hamonangan Harahap
    Number of views: 320

Number 2 vol 2, 2015

  • 8
    Geothermal System as the Cause of the 1979 Landslide Tsunami in Lembata Island, Indonesia
    Authors: Yudhicara Yudhicara, Phillipson Bani, Alwin Darmawan
    Number of views: 370
  • 9
    Seismic and Sequence Analysis of Middle to Late Miocene Deposits of Northeast Java Basin
    Authors: Yuyun Yuniardi
    Number of views: 375
  • 13
    Developing a Land Suitability Index for Agricultural uses in Dry Lands from Geologic Point of View Using GIS - a Case Study from Jordan
    Authors: Mohammmad Al Farajat, Alsharifa Hind Mohammad, Abdullah Diabat, Hassan Al Ibraheem
    Number of views: 404
  • 13
    The Lithofacies Association of Brown Shales In Kiliran Jao Subbasin, West Sumatra Indonesia
    Authors: Edy Sunardi
    Number of views: 412
  • 13
    Magma Chamber Model of Batur Caldera, Bali, Indonesia: Compositional Variation of Two Facies, Large-Volume Dacitic Ignimbrites
    Authors: Igan S. Sutawidjaja, Mega F. Rosana, K. Watanabe
    Number of views: 340

Number 2 vol 1, 2015

  • 1-21
    Developing a Geoinformatic-engineering Stability Modeling Method, using Field Data and GIS Environment: A Case Study from Al Qarara Area in Wadi Musa, Jordan
    Authors: Mohammad Al Farajat, Abdullah Diabat, Hussein Al Hassanat, Mohammad Ibweni, and Jamal Shawaqfeh
    Number of views: 502
  • 23-33
    Contrasting Two Facies of Muncung Granite in Lingga Regency Using Major, Trace, and Rare Earth Element Geochemistry
    Authors: Ronaldo Irzon
    Number of views: 382
  • 35-42
    Radon and Thoron Exhalation Rates from Surface Soil of Bangka - Belitung Islands, Indonesia
    Authors: Syarbaini and E. Pudjadi
    Number of views: 467
  • 43-51
    The Influence of ENSO/IOD on SST Signal in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi Waters: 27-year-records of Sr/Ca from Porites corals
    Authors: Sri Yudawati Cahyarini and Suharsono
    Number of views: 391
  • 53-61
    DMT Method Approach for Liquefaction Hazard Vulnerability Mapping in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia
    Authors: Khori Sugianti, Anggun Mayang Sari, and Arifan Jaya Syahbana
    Number of views: 380

Number 1 VOL 3, 2014

  • 8
    Carbonate Facies and Sedimentation of the Klapanunggal Formation in Cibinong, West Java
    Authors: Praptisih and Kamtono
    Number of views: 543
  • 9
    Characteristics of the Triassic Source Rocks of the Aitutu Formation in the (West) Timor Basin
    Authors: Asep Kurnia Permana, Aris Kusworo, and Andi Heri Prastian
    Number of views: 337
  • 12
    Fault-Plane Markings as Displacement Sense Indicators
    Authors: H.D. Tjia
    Number of views: 392
  • 13
    Analogue Modeling of Oblique Convergent Strike-Slip Faulting and Application to The Seram Island, Eastern Indonesia
    Authors: Benyamin Sapiie and Meli Hadiana
    Number of views: 364
  • 14
    Eo-Oligocene Oil Shales of the Talawi, Lubuktaruk, and Kiliranjao Areas, West Sumatra: Are they potential source rocks?
    Authors: Muhamad Iqbal, Nana Suwarna, Ildrem Syafri, and Winantris
    Number of views: 373

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