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Jurnal Wasian

Number Vol 5 (1), 2018

  • 01 - 14
    Wildlife Diversity for Ecotourism at Aqua Lestari Forest Park, North Minahasa
    Authors: Diah Irawati Dwi Arini, Julianus Kinho, Melkianus S Diwi, Margareta Christita, Jafred E Halawane, Muhammad F Fahmi, Yermias Kafiar
    Number of views: 820
  • 15 - 20
    The Intensity Attack of Leaf Pest Graphium agamemnon L. and Its Parasitoid Potency on Monoculture and Agroforestry Manglid (Magnolia champaca) Patterns
    Authors: Endah Suhaendah, Aji Winara
    Number of views: 206
  • 21 - 34
    Analysis of Characteristics and Typology of Mapili Watershed West Sulawesi Province
    Authors: Wahyudi Isnan, Hasnawir Hasnawir
    Number of views: 293
  • 35 - 42
    Identification of Water Bacteria from Nickel Post Mining in East Halmahera
    Authors: Margaretta Christita, Iwanuddin Iwanuddin, Yermias Kafiar, Supratman Tabba, Hendra S Mokodompit
    Number of views: 1268
  • 43 - 56
    Development Strategy of Masoi (Cryptocarya massoia (Oken) Kosterm.) as Non-Timber Forest Products in Teluk Bintuni, West Papua With SWOT Analysis
    Authors: Baharinawati Wilhan Hastanti, Relawan Kuswandi, Julanda Noya
    Number of views: 1304
  • 57 - 65
    The Study of Faustmann Formula Application in Sustainable Natural Forest Management in Indonesia
    Authors: Yonky Indrajaya
    Number of views: 178

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