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Jurnal Wasian

Number Vol 5 (2), 2018

  • 67 - 78
    Macroscopic Fungi Species in Kelimutu National Park, East Nusa Tenggara
    Authors: Ridwan Fauzi, Muhamad Yusup Hidayat, Grace Serepina Saragih
    Number of views: 116
  • 79 - 88
    The Effectiveness of Papaya Leaves and Chili Pepper (Capsium fructescens) as Bioinsecticide for White Oyster Mushroom (Pleuroutus ostreatus) Cultivation
    Authors: Margaretta Christita, Ady Suryawan
    Number of views: 112
  • 89 - 104
    Development and Validation of Volume Prediction Model for Balangeran (Shorea balangeran (Korth.) Burck) In Central Kalimantan
    Authors: Muhammad Abdul Qirom
    Number of views: 129
  • 105 - 114
    The Diversity of Macroscopic Fungi Species of The Wallacea in The Arboretum of BP2LHK Manado
    Authors: Anita Mayasari, Margaretta Christita, Ady Suryawan
    Number of views: 95
  • 115 - 125
    Potency and Agroforestry Patterns that Support Bamboo Sustainability in Sukaharja Village, Ciamis District
    Authors: Aditya Hani, Eva Fauziyah, Tri Sulistyawati Widyaningsih, Devy Priambodo Kuswantoro
    Number of views: 146
  • 127 - 134
    Compost Quality of Nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum L.) Solid Waste Oil Industri with Four Starters
    Authors: Eritrina Windyarini, Budi Leksono, Tri Maria Hasna
    Number of views: 109

Number Vol 5 (1), 2018

  • 01 - 14
    Wildlife Diversity for Ecotourism at Aqua Lestari Forest Park, North Minahasa
    Authors: Diah Irawati Dwi Arini, Julianus Kinho, Melkianus S Diwi, Margareta Christita, Jafred E Halawane, Muhammad F Fahmi, Yermias Kafiar
    Number of views: 509
  • 15 - 20
    The Intensity Attack of Leaf Pest Graphium agamemnon L. and Its Parasitoid Potency on Monoculture and Agroforestry Manglid (Magnolia champaca) Patterns
    Authors: Endah Suhaendah, Aji Winara
    Number of views: 112
  • 21 - 34
    Analysis of Characteristics and Typology of Mapili Watershed West Sulawesi Province
    Authors: Wahyudi Isnan, Hasnawir Hasnawir
    Number of views: 142
  • 35 - 42
    Identification of Water Bacteria from Nickel Post Mining in East Halmahera
    Authors: Margaretta Christita, Iwanuddin Iwanuddin, Yermias Kafiar, Supratman Tabba, Hendra S Mokodompit
    Number of views: 912
  • 43 - 56
    Development Strategy of Masoi (Cryptocarya massoia (Oken) Kosterm.) as Non-Timber Forest Products in Teluk Bintuni, West Papua With SWOT Analysis
    Authors: Baharinawati Wilhan Hastanti, Relawan Kuswandi, Julanda Noya
    Number of views: 783
  • 57 - 65
    The Study of Faustmann Formula Application in Sustainable Natural Forest Management in Indonesia
    Authors: Yonky Indrajaya
    Number of views: 102

Number Vol 4 (2), 2017

  • 55 - 68
    Habitat Characteristics and Diet of Bear Cuscus (Ailurops ursinus) in Tanjung Peropa Wildlife Reserve, Southeast Sulawesi
    Authors: Rahmia Nugraha, Abdul Haris Mustari
    Number of views: 587
  • 69 - 78
    Mangrove Rehabilitation at Alo Beach (Karakelang Islands, Talaud) Using Propagul of Rhizophora mucronata Lamk
    Authors: Ady Suryawan
    Number of views: 405
  • 79 - 88
    The Effectiveness of Private Forest Institutional and Policy in Banjarnegara and Banyumas Regency
    Authors: Eva Fauziyah, Sanudin Sanudin
    Number of views: 570
  • 89 - 96
    Potential of Nickel (Ni) Phytoremediation of Adaptive Species on Revegetation Land, PT. Vale Indonesia (Tbk). Pomalaa Site Kolaka Regency
    Authors: Faisal Danu Tuheteru, Asrianti Arif, Muh. Fauzi Rajab
    Number of views: 373
  • 97 - 108
    Habitat Characteristics and Population of Booted Macaque (Macaca ochreata) in Tanjung Peropa Wildlife Reserve , Southeast Sulawesi
    Authors: Zsa Zsa Fairuztania, Abdul Haris Mustari
    Number of views: 518
  • 109 - 118
    The Changes in Vast Mangrove Area of Pantai Air Telang Protected Forest Banyuasin District using Landsat Imagery Data Time Series
    Authors: Vina Fitriana, Rujito Agus Suwignyo, Siti Fauziyah
    Number of views: 340

Number Vol 4 (1), 2017

  • 01 - 10
    The Potential of Vegetation Species Diversity for Ecotorourism Development at Nature Reserve of Panjalu Lake
    Authors: Encep Rachman, Aditya Hani
    Number of views: 281
  • 11 - 16
    Shade Effect on Growth and Quality of Cempaka Wasian Seedling (Magnolia tsiampaca (Miq.) Dandy) in Nursery
    Authors: Arif Irawan, Hanif Nurul Hidayah
    Number of views: 870
  • 17 - 26
    Vegetation Characteristics of the Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus morio) Habitat in the Riparian Forest of Menamang, East Kalimantan
    Authors: Tri Sayektiningsih, Amir Ma'ruf
    Number of views: 575
  • 27 - 36
    Species Composition and Structure of Secondary Forest at Nunuka, North Bolaang Mongondow
    Authors: Nurlita Indah Wahyuni, Yermias Kafiar
    Number of views: 820
  • 37 - 46
    Carbon Stock Dinamics of Gmelina (Gmellina arborea Roxb.) based Agroforestry in Private Forest, Tasikmalaya and Banjar District, West Java
    Authors: Mohamad Siarudin, Yonky Indrajaya
    Number of views: 561
  • 47 - 54
    The Effect of Weaning Tecnique to Survival Rate and Height Growth of Nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum) Plant
    Authors: Ady Suryawan, Arif Irawan
    Number of views: 575

Number Vol 3 (2), 2016

  • 51 - 58
    The Effect of Three Spacing and Goat Urine Application on Early Growth of Manglid
    Authors: Aditya Hani
    Number of views: 1047
  • 59 - 68
    Identification of Sampiri Birds Colonies Roosting Tree Species in Karakelang Island Talaud Islands North Sulawesi
    Authors: Diah Irawati Dwi Arini
    Number of views: 478
  • 69 - 78
    The Variability of Seed Viability and Seed Vigour of Mindi (Melia azedarachlinn.) from Several Populations in The Community Forest of West Java
    Authors: Yulianti Bramasto, Nurheni Wijayanto, Iskandar Z Siregar, I.G.K. Tapa Darma
    Number of views: 486
  • 79 - 90
    Analysis Of Tenurial Conflict In Production Forest Management Unit (Pfmu) Model Poigar
    Authors: Arif Irawan, Kristian Mairi, Sulistya Ekawati
    Number of views: 1166
  • 91 - 96
    Timber Volume Estimation Model for Merchantable Tree Species in Sarmi Regency, Papua
    Authors: Relawan Kuswandi
    Number of views: 645
  • 97 - 104
    Survival Rate, Growth and Seedling Quality Index of Baringtonia Asiatica Kurz Stump Due to Length Variation of Stems and Roots
    Authors: Ady Suryawan, Margaretta Christita, Endro Subiandono
    Number of views: 376

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