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Social Pedagogy | Social Education

Number 1, 2017

  • 13
    Inclinations to Conformity as a Potential Social Limit of Giftedness Development
    Authors: Ilona Kočvarová, Eva Machů
    Number of views: 161
  • 14
    Spirituality among Students of Social Pedagogy and Other Fields
    Authors: Ondřej Vávra, Soňa Vávrová, Olga Pechová
    Number of views: 156
  • 15
    Moving Toward an Inclusive Education System: Lessons from the U.S. and Their Potential Application in the Czech Republic and Other Central and Eastern European Countries
    Authors: Brian Abery, Renáta Tichá, Laurie Kincade
    Number of views: 169
  • 19
    Leisure Time in the Research Discourse in the Consequences of Themes of Social Peda
    Authors: Veronika Kolaříková, Jiří Němec
    Number of views: 161
  • 19
    Citizenship Education: Cultivating a Critical Capacity to Implement Universal Values Nationally
    Authors: Katarzyna Twarog
    Number of views: 157

Number 2, 2016

  • 12
    Testing of Intellectual Abilities in Various Sociocultural Environments
    Authors: Denisa Denglerov
    Number of views: 167
  • 18
    Proactive Coping Behavior in Sample of University Students in Helping Professions
    Authors: Jitka Vaculíková
    Number of views: 164
  • 19
    Teacher Self-Efficacy within the Context of Socially Disadvantaged Pupils’ Education
    Authors: Anna Petr Šafránková, Karla Hrbáčková
    Number of views: 169
  • 19
    Selected Aspects of Social and Legal Protection of Children: Expert Approach versus Public Opinion
    Authors: Soňa Vávrová, Jitka Vaculíková, Jan Kalenda
    Number of views: 169

Number 1, 2016

  • 10
    Understanding in the Social Research
    Authors: Peter Ondrejkovič
    Number of views: 161
  • 12
    Social Pedagogy and Social Work: An analysis of their Relationship from a Socio-pedagogical Perspective
    Authors: Ewa Marynowicz-Hetka
    Number of views: 171
  • 14
    The Relationship Between Social Work and Social Pedagogy – Similarities in Theory and Profession from a German Perspective
    Authors: Klaus Kraimer, Lena Altmeyer
    Number of views: 161
  • 15
    The Relationship of Social Pedagogy and Social Work
    Authors: Blahoslav Kraus, Stanislava Hoferková
    Number of views: 173
  • 15
    Convergent and Divergent Aspects of Social Work and Social Pedagogy
    Authors: Andrej Mátel, Andrea Preissová Krejčí
    Number of views: 173
  • 17
    Selected Methods of Intervention Suitable for Work Social Educator with Children at Risk of Social Exclusion
    Authors: Helena Skarupská
    Number of views: 167
  • 19
    Educational Discourses in Social Work
    Authors: Jitka Navrátilová, Pavel Navrátil
    Number of views: 174

Number 2, 2015

  • 9
    Social Intelligence – A Significant Attribute in Helping Professions
    Authors: Miroslav Frankovský, Zuzana Birknerová
    Number of views: 203
  • 12
    Foster Care and Its Transformation in Slovakia – Proclamation and Reality
    Authors: Albín Škoviera
    Number of views: 167
  • 13
    Transformation of the System of Care for Vulnerable Children from the Perspective of Children´s Homes´ Directors
    Authors: Soňa Vávrová, Radana Kroutilová Nováková
    Number of views: 175
  • 13
    Factors Affecting the Form of Substitute Family Care
    Authors: Monika Chrenková, Kateřina Cilečková, Aneta Hašková
    Number of views: 165
  • 13
    Service of Social Prevention Early Care – Alternative to Institutional Care as Well as a Challenge for Social Pedagogy
    Authors: Zdenka Šándorová, Barbora Faltová
    Number of views: 167
  • 16
    Self-efficacy of Professional Educators in Institutional Care for Children and Minors
    Authors: Karla Hrbáčková, Anna Petr Šafránková
    Number of views: 164

Number 1, 2015

  • 11
    Inequality, Poverty, Insecurity
    Authors: Ilona Švihlíková
    Number of views: 161
  • 14
    The Scientific Approach to Risk and the Risk Concept of Science
    Authors: Bohuslav Binka
    Number of views: 158
  • 14
    Strengths-based Education as a Tool to Reduce Uncertainties and Risks
    Authors: Jitka Navrátilová
    Number of views: 160
  • 15
    Youth Work in Times of Uncertainty
    Authors: Monika Punová
    Number of views: 177
  • 20
    Youth Subcultures: From Deviation to Fragmentation
    Authors: Josef Smolík
    Number of views: 179

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