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Journal of Occupational Health and Epidemiology

Number 3, 2016

  • 6
    Comparison of periodontal parameters among cardiovascular patients and healthy controls
    Authors: Bateni E, DDS, MS1, Rabiei A, DDS, MS2, Sabzikari N, Dentistry Student3, Ghanbarzadegan A, Dentistry Student4*
    Number of views: 42
  • 6
    Medical waste management in clinical and educational laboratories affiliated to Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences, Iran, in 2015
    Authors: Mohseni Moghadam F, PhD1, Tashakori M, PhD2, Shahidi Zandi B, PhD3, Hadavi M, MSc4*, Akbarpoor V, MSc5, Kazemi F, BSc6, Moosavi M, MSc5
    Number of views: 42
  • 8
    The prevalence of depression and related factors in diabetic patients referred to Rafsanjan diabetes center, Iran, 2016
    Authors: Shafiepour MR, MD1, Bidaki R, MD2, Hasibi E, Medical Student3, Mokhtaree MR, MSc4*
    Number of views: 41
  • 8
    The relationship between level of dental fear and anxiety and DMFT index in students of Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences, Iran, during the 2010-2011 academic years
    Authors: Yaghooti Khorasani MM, DDS, MS1*, Shakerian M, DDS, MS2, Irannezhad M, Dentistry Student3
    Number of views: 36
  • 8
    Quality of life and its correlation with violence and social support among women with HIV/AIDS in Shiraz, Iran, in 2015
    Authors: Shirvani A, BSc1, Vazirinejad R, PhD2, Rezaeian M, PhD3*
    Number of views: 42
  • 8
    Chemical risk assessment in a chemical laboratory based on three different techniques
    Authors: Karimi Zeverdegani S, PhD1, Barakat S, Msc2*, Yazdi M, Msc3
    Number of views: 47
  • 9
    Safety assessment of glycol recovery unit in a gas refinery by failure mode and effects analysis technique
    Authors: Mahdavi S, MSc1, Rasti Pisheh P, BSc2, Jozekanaani M, MSc3*
    Number of views: 47
  • 12
    A study of the status of the elderly; bacterial infections, their causes, prevention, and control methods
    Authors: Assar Sh, MSc1, Mirzaei T, PhD2,3*, Ravari A, PhD2,3, Vakilian AR, PhD4,5, Rezahosseini O, MD6, Hosseini F, MSc7, Assar S, DDS, MS8
    Number of views: 37

Number 2, 2016

  • 6
    Assessment of the frequency of Staphylococcus aureus carriers and its antibiotic susceptibility in paramedical students in Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences, Iran
    Authors: Mohseni Moghadam F, PhD1, Tashakori M, PhD2, Shahidi Zandi B, PhD3, Hadavi M, MSc4*, Ranjbar E, BSc5, Shahidi Zandi Sh, Medical Student6
    Number of views: 39
  • 7
    The association of anxiety and depression with musculoskeletal disorders among military personnel in 2016
    Authors: Ghanbary Sartang A, MSc1, Ashnagar M, MSc2*, Habibi E, PhD3, Sadeghi S, MSc4
    Number of views: 35
  • 7
    Assessment of manual material handling in a tile and ceramic factory using the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health‎ equation in 2016
    Authors: Nadri H, MSc1, Fasih Ramandi F, MSc2*
    Number of views: 53
  • 8
    Ethical issues during ethnographic research in residential homes: A personal experience
    Authors: Tabatabaei SZ, PhD*
    Number of views: 51
  • 9
    The relationship between chair dimensions and musculoskeletal disorders among female students in one academic branch
    Authors: Shariati M, MSc1*, Naderi A, PhD 2
    Number of views: 45
  • 9
    Comparison of periodontal parameters and metabolic glucose levels in patients with diabetes and healthy subjects
    Authors: Bateni E, DDS, MS1, Rabiei A, DDS, MS2, Ghanbarzadegan A, Dentistry Student3*
    Number of views: 39
  • 9
    Study health and safety workplace in Small and Medium Size Enterprises (HSW-SMEs) in Iran, 2015
    Authors: Zamanian Z, PhD1, Mehrifar Y, MSc2*
    Number of views: 36
  • 11
    The prevalence of social phobia among students of Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences, Iran, and its relation with personality traits in 2013
    Authors: Agha Mohammad Hasani P, MD1, Mokhtaree MR, MSc2*, Asadollahi Z, MSc3, Fereidoni MJ, Medical Student4
    Number of views: 83

Number 1, 2016

  • 5
    Evaluation of the level of fear of radiation among radiology staff in hospitals affiliated to Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Iran, in 2014
    Authors: Ghazikhanlu-Sani K, PhD1, Alizadeh M, MSc2*, Mohammadi F, BSc3, Mohamadpour S, BSc3, Hadidi Sh, BSc3, Mohammadi Y, PhD4
    Number of views: 70
  • 6
    Assessment of awareness and comprehension of chemical hazard symbols among chemistry students
    Authors: Mehrifar Y, MSc1, Eskandarnia A, MSc2, Pirami H, MSc3, Mardanparvar H, MSc4*
    Number of views: 82
  • 7
    The relationship between knowledge of oral health-related issues and the DMFT index in 12-year-old students in Rafsanjan, Iran, in 2016
    Authors: Shakerian M, DDS, MS1*, Sardari F, DDS, MS2, Kordafshari T, DDS, MS3
    Number of views: 63
  • 7
    Assessment of serum chemerin level in an Iranian population with metabolic syndrome and healthy individuals in 2016
    Authors: Zanganeh Sh, BSc1, Roostaei F, BSc1, Shafiepour MR, PhD2, Mahmoodi M, PhD3, Khoshdel A, PhD4, Hajizadeh MR, PhD4 ⃰
    Number of views: 75
  • 8
    Effectiveness of psychological training combined ‎with gradual muscular stress relaxation technique on quality of life of patients with multiple sclerosis
    Authors: Vazirinejad R,PhD1, Jafarzadeh A, PhD2, Yassini SM, MD3, Rahimdel A, MD 4, Sayadi AR, MSc 5*
    Number of views: 38
  • 9
    Designing a quantitative safety checklist for the construction phase of ongoing projects in petrochemical plants
    Authors: Zaranejad A, PhD1, Ahmadi O, PhD 1*, Yahyaei E, MSc2
    Number of views: 37
  • 10
    Evaluation of absorption efficiency of Zeolite ZSM-5 in the removal of styrene vapors
    Authors: Yazdani Aval M, MSc1, Mortazavi SB, PhD2*, Asilian Mahabadi H, PhD2
    Number of views: 85
  • 10
    Effect of noise pollution on male fertility (Review)
    Authors: Nadri F, MSc1, Khavanin A, PhD2*, Mazaheri Z, PhD3, Soleimanian A, MSc4
    Number of views: 72

Number 4, 2015

No articles found.

Number 3, 2015

No articles found.

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