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International Journal of Applied Sciences and Biotechnology

Number Vol.-3(2), 2015

  • 139-142
    Personalised Medicine: The Rising Sun
    Authors: Chandani T. Desai, Gaurav S. Shah
    Number of views: 280
  • 143-150
    Molecular Characterization of a Poly-β-Hydroxybutyrate-Producing Microbacterium Isolate
    Authors: Yehia A. Osman, Ahmed Abd Elrazak, Wesam Khater, EL-Shahat Nashy, Attia Mohamadeen
    Number of views: 231
  • 151-161
    Generation of Renewable Power from Biodegradation of Anthracene in a Microbial Fuel Cell Reactor Using Different Bacterial Inocula
    Authors: A.N.Z. Alshehri
    Number of views: 256
  • 162-166
    Effect of Organic Manures on the Yield and Quality of True Seeds of Onion
    Authors: M. R. A. Mollah, M. A. Ali, M. Ahmad, M. K. Hassan, M. Z. H. Prodhan
    Number of views: 260
  • 167-169
    Annona Squamosa Leaf Extract as an Efficient Bioreducing Agent in the Synthesis of Chromium and Nickel Nanoparticles
    Authors: Solomon A. Mamuru, Abubakar S. Bello, Saminu B. Hamman
    Number of views: 223
  • 170-178
    Antioxidant Activity of Lupine Seeds in Nile Tilapia Fish (O. niloticus) Suspected to Oxidative Stress Induced by Neemazal T/S
    Authors: Ashraf A. El-Badawi
    Number of views: 220
  • 179-187
    Study of the Electromagnetic Field Radiated From the Cell Phone Towers within Kathmandu Valley
    Authors: Prakash Parajuli, Jagat Prasad Panday, Rajendra Prasad Koirala, Buddha Ram Shah
    Number of views: 205
  • 188-192
    Development of EST-SSR Markers to Assess Genetic Diversity in Elettaria Cardamomum Maton
    Authors: N Anjali, Sowmya S Dharan, F Nadiya, K K Sabu
    Number of views: 245
  • 193-196
    Status of N P K in Vermicompost Prepared from Two Common Weed and Two Medicinal Plants
    Authors: Jayanta Mistry, Ambika Prasad Mukhopadhyay, Gopi Nath Baur
    Number of views: 250
  • 197-201
    Isolation, Screening and Optimization of Estuary Region (Khambhat, Gujarat) Microalgae for Lipid/Oil Production
    Authors: Mahendraperumal Guruvaiah, Madhuri Narra, Garima Dixit, Punit Karawadia, Deval Shah
    Number of views: 248
  • 202-209
    High Frequency Plant Regeneration of Musa paradisiaca cv. Karibale Monthan
    Authors: R. Shashi Kumar, V. Krishna, . Venkatesh
    Number of views: 208
  • 210-217
    Bayesian analysis for genotype x environment interactions and the GGE-biplot assessment: Evaluation of balanced classifications with missing values
    Authors: Siraj Osman Omer, Eltayeb Hassan Slafab, Abhishek Rathore
    Number of views: 236
  • 218-222
    Sero-Prevalence of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) in Pigs of Different Developmental Regions of Nepal
    Authors: Mahesh K.C., Bhoj Raj Joshi, Swoyam Prakash Shrestha, Meera Prajapati, Dipak Kathayat, Santosh Dhakal
    Number of views: 236
  • 223-226
    Correlation and Path Coefficient Analysis of Tomato Germplasms
    Authors: Md. Salehur Rahman, Shahanaz Parveen, Md.Harun -Ur- Rashid, Runa Akter, Abu Yousuf Hossin, Md. Golam Robbani
    Number of views: 231
  • 227-231
    Site-Specific Nutrient Management for Rainfed Maize in Western Mid-Hills of Nepal
    Authors: Prakash Ghimire, Khem Raj Dahal, Santosh Marahatta, Krishna Devkota, Buddhi Raj Ghimire
    Number of views: 244
  • 232-235
    Estimation of Coal Bed Methane Potential of Coal Seams of Margherita Coal Field, Assam, India
    Authors: Prasenjit Talukdar, Ranjan Das, Rishiraj Goswami
    Number of views: 223
  • 236-242
    Certain Biochemical Changes in Haemolymph of Eri Silkworm, Samia Cynthia Ricini after Inoculation with Bacteria
    Authors: Ravindar Gundeti, N. Swetha sudha, Geeta Rajalingam, P. Nagaraja Rao
    Number of views: 273
  • 243-247
    In-Vitro Seed Germination and Effect of Growth Regulators on Subsequent Development of Protocorms of Eulophia Nuda Lindl
    Authors: Varsha Dawande, Rajaram Gurav
    Number of views: 247
  • 248-255
    Wide Spread Prevalence of β-Lactam Resistance among Bacterial Species Obtained from Non-Clinical Samples
    Authors: Shivangi Bhatt, Neepa Pandhi
    Number of views: 241
  • 256-260
    The Capacity of Lignin to Enhance the Phthorimaea opercullela Granulovirus (PhopGV) Stability in Laboratory Condition
    Authors: Shiva Shankar Bhattarai, Sunil Aryal, Resham Bahadur Thapa
    Number of views: 244
  • 261-266
    Rhizoremediation of Petrol Engine Oil Using Biosurfactants Producing Microbial Consortium in Mustard Crop
    Authors: Govind Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Anita Sharma
    Number of views: 256
  • 267-271
    Electrochemical Studies of o- and p- Anisidine
    Authors: Richa Sharma, Sushma Dave
    Number of views: 250
  • 272-284
    Optimization Studies on Cellulase Production from Bacillus Anthracis and Ochrobactrum Anthropic (YZ1) Isolated from Soil
    Authors: Mohammad Badrud Duza, S.A. Mastan
    Number of views: 254
  • 285-290
    Phenotypic Diversity of Nepalese Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn.) Accessions at IAAS, Rampur, Nepal
    Authors: Biswash Raj Bastola, M.P. Pandey, B.R. Ojha, S.K. Ghimire, K. Baral
    Number of views: 195
  • 291-300
    A Study on the Role of Pre-Gelatinized Starch (PGS) in the Non Damaging Drilling Fluid (NDDF) for the Tipam Sand of Geleki Oilfield of Upper Assam Basin
    Authors: Prasenjit Talukdar, Subrata Borgohain Gogoi
    Number of views: 256
  • 301-307
    Phylogenetic and Systematic Value of Leaf Epidermal Characteristics in Some Members of Nigerian Fabaceae
    Authors: Gbenga Olorunshola Alege, Daniel Ojima Shaibu
    Number of views: 282
  • 308-313
    Lignolytic Enzymes Production from Selected Mushrooms
    Authors: H.M. Shantaveera Swamy, - Ramalingappa
    Number of views: 277
  • 314-321
    Effects of Short or Long-Term Exposure of Dithiopyr on Certaine Blood, Growth and Tissue Biochemical Parameters in Catfish (Clarias garipinus)
    Authors: Kamal A. Attia, Ashraf A. El-Badawi
    Number of views: 237
  • 322-329
    Protein Profile Study of Some Nigerian Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Accessions
    Authors: Gbenga Olorunshola Alege
    Number of views: 218
  • 330-336
    Assessment of Genetic Diversity in Bamboo Accessions of India Using Molecular Markers
    Authors: Bharat Gami, Bakhtiyar Alam Syed, Beena Patel
    Number of views: 227
  • 337-341
    Electrochemical Characterization of Cellulose Acetate Butyrate-Prmutit Composite Membrane in Aqueous Uni-Uni Valent Electrolyte Solutions
    Authors: A.K. Tiwari, R. Sonkar, P.K. Tiwari
    Number of views: 238
  • 342-346
    Prevalence of Lymphoma Cancer in Punjab, Pakistan
    Authors: Muhammad Zohaib Nawaz, Muhammad Bilal, Muhammad Aamer Mehmood, Muhammad Asgher
    Number of views: 236
  • 347-351
    Characterization and Optimization of Alkaline Protease Production from Bacillus licheniformis HSW-16 Isolated from Sambhar Salt Lake
    Authors: Rajnish Prakash Singh, Prabhat Nath Jha
    Number of views: 231
  • 352-358
    Host Preference of Epilachna Beetle, Epilachna dodecastigma (Wied.) among Cucurbitaceous Vegetables
    Authors: M. Asafuddaullah, M.M. Uddin, K.S. Islam, M.T.H. Howlader, M.M. Rahman
    Number of views: 217
  • 359-366
    Molecular Characterization of Some Popular Fish Species in Saudi Arabia
    Authors: Ayman M. Sabry, Mohamed M. Hassan, Alaa A. Mohamed
    Number of views: 239

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