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International Journal of Graduate Research and Review

Number Vol-4(4), 2018

  • 123-126
    Promotional Strategies and Policies for Agro-ecotourism Development in Different Parts of Chitwan
    Authors: Keshav Bhusal, Subodh Pokhrel, Subash Bandari
    Number of views: 0
  • 127-128
    Evaluation of Mulberry Varieties for Rearing Performance and Economic Traits of Silkworm Races
    Authors: Chudamani Pant
    Number of views: 0
  • 129-133
    Effect of Probiotics on the Growth and Food Utilization of Walking Catfish (Clarias batrachus) under Laboratory Condition of IAAS, Paklihawa
    Authors: Shailesh Gurung, Sumnima Dhakal, Ashish Chaudhary, Prabin Paudel, Birendra Shrestha, Dipendra Mishra
    Number of views: 0
  • 134-143
    Marketing of Large Cardamom in Mechi Hills, Nepal
    Authors: K.P. Shrestha
    Number of views: 0
  • 144-148
    Evaluation of Growth and Yield Characteristics of Acid Lime Genotypes in Different Locations of Nepal
    Authors: Amar Bahadur Pun, Hari Prasad Subedi, Manish Kumar Thakur
    Number of views: 0
  • 149-155
    Attitude and Preparedness of the Nurse Manager’s Regarding Effective Delegation in Jinnah Hospital, Lahore
    Authors: Mehvish Sabah, Summaira Nasir, Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Afzal
    Number of views: 0
  • 156-160
    Menstrual Hygiene among Women of Reproductive Age in Rural Area, Lahore
    Authors: Hina Samuel, Muhammad Afsor, Muhammad Afzal, Syed Amir Gilani
    Number of views: 0

Number Vol-4(3), 2018

  • 64-66
    Case Reports of Complicated Ascariasis lumbricoides
    Authors: Nazia Yousef, Chanda Jabeen, Hammad Hassan
    Number of views: 41
  • 67-69
    Agritourism: A Step Further For Economic and Sustainable Development in Nepal
    Authors: Dija Bhandari, Chandan Bhattarai
    Number of views: 39
  • 70-76
    Nursing Students Attitude toward Research
    Authors: Kehkashan Muzzmal, Sunil Mukhtar, Mohammad Hussain
    Number of views: 39
  • 77-87
    Assertive Behavior of Nurses and Head nurses in Government Hospital Lahore, Pakistan
    Authors: Uzma Ilyas, Muhammad Afzal, Kousar Parveen, Syed Amir Gilani
    Number of views: 34
  • 88-94
    Time Management Challenges among Head Nurses of Public Hospitals Lahore
    Authors: Mujahida Sultana, Muhammad Afzal, Kousar Perveen
    Number of views: 34
  • 95-102
    Problems that Influence the Academic Learning and Clinical Practices among Nursing Students
    Authors: Rashida Noureen, Muhammad Hussain, Hajra Sarwer Muhammad Afzal, Syed Amir Gilani
    Number of views: 37
  • 103-109
    Studies of Zooplankton in Chhapakaiya Pond Birgunj, Nepal
    Authors: Lal Babu Prasad Yadav
    Number of views: 42
  • 110-115
    Knowledge and Practices Regarding Infection, Prevention and Control in Public Hospital of Lahore
    Authors: Asma Tasleem, Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Afzal, Pro.Dr. Syed Amir Gilani
    Number of views: 33
  • 116-122
    Factors Impact Elderly People Participate on the Labour Market in Central Sulawesi Province
    Authors: Kalvin Albert Parinding, Chairil Anwar, Mohammad Ichwan, Yobert Kornelius
    Number of views: 35

Number Vol-4(2), 2018

  • 26-28
    Relationship between Eggplant Fruit Weight and Seed Yield
    Authors: Md. Torikul Islam, Mohammad Kamrul Hasan
    Number of views: 61
  • 29-31
    On Farm Evaluation of Rice Genotypes under Rainfed Ecosystem in Central Terai of Nepal
    Authors: Bisheswar P. Yadav, J. Tripathi, Dil R. Yadav, Rajendra P. Yadav, Rajib K. Yadav
    Number of views: 43
  • 32-35
    An Overview on Customers’ Satisfaction and Service Quality at Nepal Airlines Corporation
    Authors: Bishnu Prasad Jamkatel
    Number of views: 49
  • 36-43
    The Relationship between Classroom Management Styles and Coping Strategies with Stress
    Authors: Razia Parveen, Muhammad Hussain, Hajra Sarwar, Muhammad Afzal, Syed Amir Gilani
    Number of views: 52
  • 44-53
    Readiness for Self-Directed Learning among Nursing Students in Lahore, Pakistan
    Authors: Sumaira Ejaz, Muhammad Hussain, Iram Majeed, Muhammad Afzal, Syed Amir Gilani
    Number of views: 122
  • 54-57
    Relationship between Biofilm Formation and Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern in Uropathogenic Escherichia coli
    Authors: Rejina Shrestha, Anisha Shrestha, Binod Khadka, Rosy K.C., Manju Shree Shakya (Hada), Anil Kumar Sah
    Number of views: 52
  • 58-63
    Nursing Students’ Satisfaction with Clinical Learning Environment
    Authors: Saima Shabnum, Muhammad Hussain, Iram Majeed, Muhammad Afzal, Syed Amir Gilani
    Number of views: 65

Number vol-4(1), 2018

  • 3-10
    Effects of Disinfectants on Microbial Load of Keyboard and Mouse
    Authors: Shakya Aaisha, Acharya Aastha, Timalsina Aashish, Khanal Amit and Jeena Amatya
    Number of views: 82
  • 11-18
    Redefining Modernization and Urbanization in Ghodaghodi Municipality
    Authors: Dipak Raj Joshi
    Number of views: 88
  • 19-25
    Participatory Technology Generation and Dissemination At Out-Reach Sites of Regional Agriculture Research Station Khajura
    Authors: Ram Das Chaudhary, Padam Prasad Poudel, Bisheswar Prasad Yadav, Santosh Raj Tripathi, Govinda KC, Dinesh Kumar Yadav, Rajana Rawal, Yagya KC and Indrapal Singh
    Number of views: 65

Number Vol-3(4), 2017

  • 68-71
    Identification of Cry1Ac Protein in Bt Brinjal by ELISA Method
    Authors: M.K. Hasan, S. Yesmin, S.C. Halder, M.K. Jamil and D. Khanam
    Number of views: 94
  • 72-76
    Modelling Rattan Supply Chain in Palu Special Economic Zone
    Authors: Husein Hi. M. Soleh
    Number of views: 105
  • 77-81
    Participatory Evaluation of Rice Genotypes under Irrigated Ecosystem in Mid-Eastern Terai of Nepa
    Authors: Dil Raj Yadav, Bisheswar Prasad Yadav, Rajib Kumar Yadav, Bedanand Chaudhary and Dev Nidhi Tiwari
    Number of views: 79
  • 82-88
    Study on Plant Distribution Pattern of Chameli Community Forest, Bhaktapur, Nepal
    Authors: Sarita Chaulagain and Anjali Maiya Shrestha-Malla
    Number of views: 186
  • 89-95
    Effects of Teacher’s Scaffolding on Students’ Reading Comprehension: Sire Secondary School Grade Nine Students in focus
    Authors: Zerihun Buli, Shewa Basizew and Kefyalew Abdisa
    Number of views: 220
  • 96-108
    The Effect of Budgetary Participation, Planning and Control on Managerial Performance with Leadership Style as Intervening Variable Study on Hospitality Services Company in Central Sulawesi Province
    Authors: Muhammad Natsir, Andi Mattulada Amir, Nurhayati Haris and Abdul Kahar
    Number of views: 109

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