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Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction

Number 7(06), 2018

  • 241-247
    Uterine prolapse in buffaloes: A review
    Authors: GN Purohit, Atul Shanker Arora, Tilok Gocher, Mitesh Gaur, Chandra Shekher Saraswat, Pankaj Mishra
    Number of views: 131
  • 248-253
    Role of follicle-stimulating hormone and estradiol benzoate in recovering spermatogenesis in tamoxifen-injured rats
    Authors: Ali Olfati, Gholamali Moghaddam, Kaniaw Rafat Khafar, Ali Mojtahedin, Azad Abdolahzadeh
    Number of views: 134
  • 254-260
    Impact of replacing egg yolk with lecithin on quality of pre-freeze and post-thaw buffalo spermatozoa
    Authors: Asmaa A. Mostafa, Mohamed. S. El-Belely, Sayed. T. Ismail , Reda. I. El-Sheshtawy, Mohamed I. Shahba
    Number of views: 147
  • 261-265
    Inhibitory effect of genistein on MMP-2 and MMP-9 expression through suppressing NF-κB activity in peritoneum of murine model of endometriosis
    Authors: Dwi Yuliawati, Karyono Mintaroem, Sutrisno Sutrisno
    Number of views: 114
  • 266-269
    Effect of paclitaxel and resveratrol on New Zealand rabbit semen
    Authors: Caner Öztürk, Mehmet Bozkurt Ataman
    Number of views: 106
  • 270-273
    Effect of buffalo bull breeds on developmental competence and vitrification of in- vitro produced embryos
    Authors: Walid T.M. Soliman, Al-Shimaa Al-H.H. El-Naby, Karima Gh.M. Mahmoud, Ahmed R.M. El-Khawagah, Mohamed M.M. Kandiel, Mahmoud E.A. Abouel-Roos, Alaa E.Abdel-Ghaffar, AbdEl Salam I. El Azab
    Number of views: 123
  • 274-279
    Effects of Salacia lehmbachii ethanol root bark extract on estrous cycle and sex hormones of female albino rats
    Authors: Grace A. Essiet, Godwin C. Akuodor, Daniel OJ Aja, Mathew O. Nwokike, Desmond O. Eke, Anuli N. Chukwumobi
    Number of views: 143
  • 280-284
    Comparison of Bishop score and cervical length measurement through transvaginal ultrasound as prediction against labor induction
    Authors: Finianty Raynelda, Efendi Lukas, Sriwijaya Qadar, Maisuri T Chalid
    Number of views: 138

Number 7(05), 2018

  • 193-205
    Application of advanced reproductive biotechnologies for buffalo improvement with focusing on Egyptian buffaloes
    Authors: Kamel M.E. Mohammed
    Number of views: 115
  • 206-213
    Live birth rates of assisted reproductive technology treatment and spontaneous conception among subfertile couples in Singapore: A follow-up study
    Authors: Ho Lee Mee, de Souza Nurun Nisa, Lee Shaw Ni, Yu Su Ling
    Number of views: 111
  • 214-219
    Effect of graded doses of acetylsalicylic acid on sperm chromatin integrity and maturity of germinal epithelium in adult male mouse
    Authors: Farzaneh Mahmoudi-Lafout, Fahimeh Mohammadghasemi
    Number of views: 108
  • 220-224
    Clinical diagnosis and surgical approaches of vaginal hyperplasia in bitches
    Authors: Samaa M Galal, Mohamed Fathi, Ismail ST, ElBelely MS, Faten F Mohamed
    Number of views: 110
  • 225-228
    Human chorionic gonadotropin in vitro: Effects on rat sperm motility and fertilization outcome
    Authors: Seyed Mansour Moosavi, Hossein Barzegar Ganji, Hajar Ramezanikhah, Mitra Arianmanesh
    Number of views: 114
  • 229-235
    Effects of stem cells applications on oxidative stress and apoptosis during implantation
    Authors: Işıl Aydemir, Mahmud M. Özkut, Fatma Fırat, Alican Gümürüdü, Dila Hatun Sal, Kübra Erdoğan, Aslı Göker, Mehmetİbrahim Tuğlu
    Number of views: 93
  • 236-238
    Sperm defects and infertility caused by bacterial infection of the reproductive tract in an adult male dog: A case report
    Authors: Chike F. Oguejiofor
    Number of views: 120
  • 239-240
    Monozygotic twinning after donor egg intracytoplasmic sperm injection-A case report
    Authors: Manjushri Kothekar, Richa Jagtap
    Number of views: 109

Number 7(02), 2018

  • 49-55
    Germline cells derived from mesenchymal stem cells, with the focus on Wharton's jelly
    Authors: Hossein Yazdekhasti, Jalil Hosseini, Zahra Rajabi, Maryam Hosseinzadeh Shirzeyli, Fereshte Aliakbari
    Number of views: 146
  • 56-61
    Homeostatic relevance of vitamin D in maintaining male fertility in human: Downregulation of oxidative stress and up-regulation of anti-oxidative defense and steroidal hormones
    Authors: Fahad Hussain, Arif Malik, Muhammad Saeed Qureshi, Muhammad Imran, Sulayman Waquar, Hassan Shafique, Zohaib Rana, Hnin Ei Thu, Zahid Hussain
    Number of views: 151
  • 62-71
    Effect of voltage-gated sodium channels blockers on motility and viability of human sperm in vitro
    Authors: Hammad Ahmad Gakhar, Ishrat Waheed, Taseer Ahmad, Naeem-ur-rahman
    Number of views: 149
  • 72-78
    Improvement in cryosurvival of buffalo bull (Bubalus bubalis) sperm by altering freezing rate within critical temperature range
    Authors: Jasmer Dalal, Ajeet Kumar, Pradeep Kumar, Mrigank Honparkhe, Vijay Singh Malik, Sumit Singhal, Simarjeet Kaur, Parkash Singh Brar
    Number of views: 152
  • 79-86
    Effect of exogenous progesterone on cumulus characteristics of buffalo oocytes by allowing passage of more number of sperm through cumulus but not essentially fertilization
    Authors: Madhusmita Panda, Asmita, Sandeep Kumar, Purusottam Mishra, Mahesh Chandra Sahu, Sachinandan De, Tirtha Kumar Datta, Rakesh Kumar
    Number of views: 134
  • 87-92
    Sperm counts in Asian men: Reviewing the trend of past 50 years
    Authors: Pallav Sengupta, Sulagna Dutta, Maiza Binti Tusimin, Tulay Irez, Elzbieta Krajewska-Kulak
    Number of views: 134
  • 93-96
    Effect of tris-extender supplemented with various concentrations of strawberry (Fragaria spp.) on bull semen preservability
    Authors: El-Sheshtawy RI, El-Nattat WS
    Number of views: 153

Number 7(04), 2018

  • 145-150
    In vitro fertilization: Facts in medical sciences
    Authors: S. Bhargavi, Subhalaxmi Swain, Abhisek Mishra, Arun Kumar Pradhan
    Number of views: 122
  • 151-154
    Association of in-vitro fertilization twin pregnancy with maternal and perinatal complications
    Authors: Grasmane Adele, Purina-Liberte Katrina, Rots Dmitrijs, Miltina Inara, Rezeberga Dace
    Number of views: 141
  • 155-160
    Effects of Lepidium sativum supplementation on growth and gonadotropins secretion in ovariectomized, estrogen-implanted rabbits
    Authors: Oluwatosin V. Imade, Wuraola A. Erinfolami, Rasheed A. Ajadi, Monsuru O. Abioja, Samson A. Rahman, Olusiji F. Smith, Oladele S. Gazal
    Number of views: 156
  • 161-166
    Developmental competence of bovine oocytes with increasing concentrations of nano-copper and nano-zinc particles during in vitro maturation
    Authors: Bakar R Abdel-Halim, Walaa A Moselhy, Nermeen Atef Helmy
    Number of views: 121
  • 167-171
    Increase in reproductive ability of high-producing cows, and qualitative parameters of their offspring, under conditions of intensive milk production
    Authors: Khamidulla B. Baimishev, Murat H. Baimishev, Vasily S. Grigoryev, Alexander P. Kokhanov, Inna V. Uskova, Ismagil N. Khakimov
    Number of views: 110
  • 172-177
    Consequences of unilateral cryptorchidism on semen and sperm characteristics in West African Dwarf Goats
    Authors: Chike F. Oguejiofor, Izuchukwu S. Ochiogu, Okechi L. Okoro, Vitalis U. Ogbu
    Number of views: 102
  • 178-184
    Effect of foot and mouth disease vaccination on seminal antioxidant profiles of mithun (Bos frontalis)
    Authors: P. Perumal
    Number of views: 106
  • 185-190
    Treatment of cows with clinical endometritis Ⅲ as cows affected by pyometra-Non antibiotic treatment of severe clinical endometritis
    Authors: Mohammad Rahim Ahmadi, Asghar Mogheiseh, Abdolah Mirzaei, Saeed Nazifi, Eisa Fallah
    Number of views: 104

Number 7(03), 2018

  • 97-102
    Role of preputial washing in reducing microbial load and improving bovine semen quality
    Authors: Adil Rasool Paray, Mukesh Bhakat, Shabir Ahmad Lone, Tushar Kumar Mohanty, Ranjana Sinha, Javid Ur Rahman, Zahid Bashir Khanday, Ziaullah Danish
    Number of views: 166
  • 103-116
    Low density lipoprotein in cryopreservation of semen
    Authors: P. Perumal
    Number of views: 123
  • 117-122
    Effect of alcohol infusion of Cissus populnea root on testicular function and serum hormone of male Wistar rats
    Authors: Tomilola D. Olaolu, Damilare E. Rotimi, Ayotunde P. Olaolu
    Number of views: 103
  • 123-128
    Improvement of cortical granules migration and in vitro embryo production of vitrified bovine oocyte by 9-cis retinoic acid
    Authors: Mojtaba Rashedi, Ali Rooz Batavani, Reza Golam Najafi
    Number of views: 108
  • 129-135
    Antiandrogenic activity of Calotropis procera latex in rats
    Authors: Abdelgader Binyamen Abdelgader, Adil Salim Elsheikh
    Number of views: 110
  • 136-138
    Prediction of protein structure of novel protein (116 kDa) from human sperm membrane
    Authors: Umie Lestari, Widodo, Sutiman Bambang Sumitro
    Number of views: 109
  • 139-142
    Effect of different concentration of fish oil in skim milk-egg yolk extenders on post- thawed semen qualities of Kalang swamp buffalo bull
    Authors: Abdul Malik, Jaelani A, Neni Widaningsih, Gt Khairun Ni’mah, Raviani, Sakiman, Sasongko N
    Number of views: 94
  • 143-144
    Missed estradiol determination resulting in oocyte retrieval and embryo development following controlled ovarian hyperstimulation at early pregnancy: Case report
    Authors: Maryam Eftekhar, Azam Agha-Rahimi, Mohammad Ali Khalili, Marjan Omidi
    Number of views: 116

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