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Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction

Number 2(04), 2013

  • Pages 253-257
    Screening of antioxidant potential of the medicinal plant Bacopa monnieri (L.) Pennell
    Authors: Maruthai Mohan Kumar, Ragupathi Gopi, Rajaram Panneerselvam
    Number of views: 140
  • Pages 258-262
    Effect of fish meal supplementation on production and biochemical alterations in dairy buffaloes during early postpartum period
    Authors: A.A. Malik, V.K. Gandotra, P.S. Brar, M. Honparkhe, S.K. Uppal
    Number of views: 134
  • Pages 263-271
    Anti-infertility significance of aqueous extract of I pomoea batatas (L.) Lam. against exposure of bisphenol A (BPA) promoted testicular toxicity in male Sprague Dawley rats
    Authors: Rajendran Revathy, Kulanthaivel Langeswaran, Subbaraj Gowtham kumar, Shanmugam Vijayaprakash, Peranandam Tamilselvan, Maruthaiveeran Periyaswamy Balasubramanian
    Number of views: 162
  • Pages 272-276
    Effects of heart of palm (Palmito) extract on reproductive system of adult male rats
    Authors: Masoomeh Dokhanchi, Hojatollah Karimi Jashni, Nader Tanideh, Negar Azarpira
    Number of views: 129
  • Pages 277-279
    Effect of heat stress on pregnancy rates of crossbred dairy cattle in Terai region of Uttarakhand, India
    Authors: Khan, Shiv Prasad, HP Gupta
    Number of views: 144
  • Pages 280-288
    Effects of seasons on enzymatic changes and cholesterol efflux in relation to freezability in Tharparkar bull semen
    Authors: J.S. Rajoriya, J.K. Prasad, S.K. Ghosh, P. Perumal, Anuj Kumar, Shobhana Kaushal, Mahak Singh
    Number of views: 141
  • Pages 289-296
    Identification of rye chromosome substitutions in Triticale and its relation with kernel characters and seed setting through Giemsa C-banding technique
    Authors: PS Sreeja, VRK Reddy
    Number of views: 145
  • Pages 297-300
    CYP1A1 and GSTM1 genes polymorphism and its association with endometriosis : A pilot study
    Authors: Shikha Sachan, Rohini R Nair, Anuradha Khanna, Kiran Singh
    Number of views: 141
  • Pages 301-303
    Scrotal-testicular biometry, sperm quality and quantity in rams (Ovis aries)
    Authors: V Divya, V Girish Kumar, S Nandi, SG Ramchandra, William Rasican Surin
    Number of views: 126
  • Pages 304-308
    Antioxidant enzymes activity in leaves of salt stressed Excoecaria agallocha L
    Authors: R. Sozharajan, S. Natarajan
    Number of views: 135
  • Pages 309-311
    Is dehydroepiandrosterone more efficient in diminished ovarian reserve patients with higher FSH levels?
    Authors: Hikmet Hassa, Yunus Aydin, Tufan Oge, Vehbi Yavuz Tokgoz
    Number of views: 152
  • Pages 312-315
    Relation between dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S) and success of labour induction in prolonged gestation
    Authors: Sherif Younes Seadawy, Amr Hassaan Farag, Magd EI Din M. Mohammed
    Number of views: 134
  • Pages 316-320
    Circulatory level of interleukin-1 in periparturient cows with or without postpartum reproductive diseases
    Authors: Rafiqul Islam, Harendra Kumar, Sukdeb Nandi, Sanjeev Mehrotra
    Number of views: 122
  • Pages 321-325
    The measurement of oestradiol, progesterone, LH, FSH and hCG for assisted reproduction: A comparison of the Siemens Centaur CP and Roche e411 automated analysers
    Authors: Melissa Stemp, Allison McClements, Patricia Sykes, Vince Chapple, Phillip Matson
    Number of views: 139
  • Pages 326-329
    Clinical application of a rapid and practical procedure of transabdominal ultrasonography for determination of pregnancy and fetal viability in cows
    Authors: Dhafer M. Aziz
    Number of views: 114
  • Pages 330-332
    Prognostic value of repeated surgery on obstetric vesico-vaginal fistula outcome: A Cameroonian experience
    Authors: Pierre Marie Tebeu, Gisele Kengne Fosso, Valentin Vadandi, Julius Sama Dohbit, Joseph Nelson Fomulu, Charles Henry Rochat
    Number of views: 133
  • Pages 333-334
    Giant peritoneal inclusion cyst mimicking ovarian cyst
    Authors: Elcin Telli, Tufan Oge, Sabit Sinan Ozalp, Omer Tarik Yalcin
    Number of views: 132
  • Pages 335-336
    Leiomyoma of the round ligament presenting as an adnexal mass in a patient with a history of hysterectomy
    Authors: Omer Tarik Yalcin, Elcin Telli, Tufan Oge, Sabit Sinan Ozalp
    Number of views: 143

Number 2(03), 2013

  • Pages 244-247
    Primary abdominal wall clear cell carcinoma arising from incisional endometriosis
    Authors: Burcu Gundogdu, Isin Ureyen, Gunsu Kimyon, Hakan Turan, Nurettin Boran, Gokhan Tulunay, Dilek Bulbul, Taner Turan, M Faruk Kose
    Number of views: 133
  • Pages 248-250
    Double vena cava inferior: A report of three cases
    Authors: Isin Ureyen, Zeynep Kestel, Elif Gulsah Sahin, Alper Karalok, Taner Turan, Nurettin Boran, Gokhan Tulunay
    Number of views: 131
  • Pages 251-252
    Chylous fistula following scalane lypmhadenectomy in a patient with advanced cervical cancer
    Authors: Isin Ureyen, Alper Karalok, Nurettin Boran, Taner Turan, Gokhan Tulunay
    Number of views: 153
  • Pages 169-173
    Effects of ethanolic leaf extract of Spondias mombin on the pituitary–gonadal axis of female Wistar rats
    Authors: OR Asuquo, OOK Oko, ES Brownson, GB Umoetuk, IS Utin
    Number of views: 187
  • Pages 174-177
    Abortifacient and antioxidant activities of different extracts of Musa rosacea
    Authors: M. Srikanth, T. Rajananda Swamy, T. Mallikarjuna Rao, B. Ganga Rao
    Number of views: 137
  • Pages 178-184
    Effect of foot and mouth disease vaccination on seminal and biochemical profiles of mithun (Bos frontalis) semen
    Authors: P Perumal, K Khate, C Rajkhowa
    Number of views: 134
  • Pages 185-188
    Effect of different concentrations of permeable and non–permeable cryoprotectants on the hatching rate of goldfish (Carassius auratus) embryos
    Authors: Fardin Shaluei, Mohamad Reza Imanpoor, Ali Shabani, Mohamad Hossein Nasr–Esfahani
    Number of views: 181
  • Pages 189-195
    Impact of seasonal variation and feeding on reproductive behavior of fresh water spiny eel Mastacembelus armatus from Cauvery River
    Authors: Venkatachalam Uthayakumar, Parathattil Rathan Sreedevi, Dhanapalan Senthilkumar, Subramanian Munirasu, Aathi Kiruba, Venkatachalam Ramasubramanian
    Number of views: 135
  • Pages 196-200
    Spermatotoxic effect of diethanolamine: An in vitro study
    Authors: Sneha R. Panchal, Ramtej J. Verma
    Number of views: 152
  • Pages 201-208
    Age associated variations in human neutrophil and sperm functioning
    Authors: Kaveri Purandhar, Sriram Seshadri
    Number of views: 130
  • Pages 209-214
    Effect of catalase on the liquid storage of mithun (Bos frontalis) semen
    Authors: P Peruma, JK Chamuah, C Rajkhowa
    Number of views: 139
  • Pages 215-217
    Treatment of anestrous Nili–Ravi buffaloes using eCG and CIDR protocols
    Authors: Zahid Naseer, Ejaz Ahmad, Nemat Ullah, Muhammad Yaqoob, Zeeshan Akbar
    Number of views: 136
  • Pages 218-219
    Trivers–Willard hypothesis revisited: Does heat stress peri–insemination alter secondary sex ratio in crossbred dairy cattle?
    Authors: FA Khan, SSD Sacchan, MP Singh, RA Patoo, Shiv Prasad, HP Gupta
    Number of views: 193
  • Pages 220-224
    Osmolyte accumulation, photosynthetic pigment and growth of Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv. under drought stress
    Authors: I. Paul Ajithkumar, R. Panneerselvam
    Number of views: 146
  • Pages 225-228
    Rapid bioassay for the study of growth promoting activity of Morinda pubescens leaf extract
    Authors: Desai Nivas, DK Gaikwad
    Number of views: 156
  • Pages 229-237
    Perspectives of cesarean section in buffaloes
    Authors: GN Purohit, Mitesh Gaur, Amit Kumar, Chandra Shekher, Swati Ruhil
    Number of views: 235
  • Pages 238-243
    Pharmacological and analytical aspects of withaferin A: A concise report of current scientific literature
    Authors: Kanika Patel, Ravi B Singh, Dinesh K Patel
    Number of views: 171

Number 2(02), 2013

  • Pages 85-89
    Effect of ethanolic seed extract of Caesalpinia bonducella pregnant female albino rats
    Authors: Lilaram, R Nazeer Ahmed
    Number of views: 126
  • Pages 90-92
    Antifertility potential of the ethanolic extract of Caesalpinia pulcherrima Linn. leaves
    Authors: Sunil Kumar, Jitender Singh, Anupama Baghotia, Vineet Mehta, Vikas Thakur, Manjusha Choudhary, Surender Verma, Dinesh Kumar
    Number of views: 113
  • Pages 93-98
    Induction of ovarian activity in B ulgarian M urrah buffaloes by hormonal treatment in the early postpartum period
    Authors: Stanimir A Yotov, Anatoli S Atanasov, Yordanka Y Ilieva
    Number of views: 109
  • Pages 146-150
    Intraperitoneal lidocaine & tenoxicam for pain relief after gynaecological laparoscopy
    Authors: Ibrahim A Abdelazim, Mohammed Al-Kadi, Maged Mahmoud El Shourbagy, Ahmed Abdelazim Mohamed, Mohannad Lutfi Abu faza
    Number of views: 109
  • Pages 151-158
    Below population replacement fertility rates: Can assisted reproductive technology (ART) help reverse the trend?
    Authors: Eric Blyth
    Number of views: 125
  • Pages 159-162
    RISUG: A new perspective in non–hormonal male contraception
    Authors: Vikas Thakur, Manjusha Choudhary, Vineet Mehta, Dinesh Kumar, Nitesh
    Number of views: 121
  • Pages 163-165
    Production of the first viable ovum pick–up and in vitro embryo produced (OPU–IVEP) buffalo calf in India
    Authors: Shiv Prasad, Beerendra Singh, Sumit Singhal, FA Khan, JK Prasad, HP Gupta
    Number of views: 131
  • Pages 166-168
    An old patient with growing teratoma syndrome of the ovary
    Authors: Sadiman Kiykac Altinbas, Taner Turan, Namik Kemal Altinbas, Ahmet Ozfuttu, Nurettin Boran, Gokhan Tulunay
    Number of views: 127
  • Pages 99-104
    Study of oestrus cycle periodicity and oogenesis of adult albino rats: Response to hyperprolactinaemia induced by haloperidol
    Authors: Savita Kuldip Kumar, Pal Abhishek, Sahu Pratap Kumar, Tiwari Prashant
    Number of views: 123
  • Pages 105-109
    Pregestation and gestation exposure to an isoflavone: Impact on maternal reproductive health and postnatal development of neonatal mice
    Authors: Ma Regina R Abesamis, Miguel A Buluran, Gliceria B Ramos
    Number of views: 118
  • Pages 110-113
    Effect of sera of normal cycling, pregnant and repeat breeding buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) on in vitro maturation of buffalo, sheep and goat oocytes
    Authors: Anthony Sabasthin, Sumanta Nandi, Venkataswamy Girish Kumar, Virupakshaiah Chandrasekhar Murthy, Pavana Shree Ummadahalli Shankare Gowda
    Number of views: 124
  • Pages 114-118
    In vitro asymbiotic seed germination, mycorrhization and seedling development of Acampae praemorsa (Roxb.) Blatt. & Mc Cann, a common south Indian orchid
    Authors: Kullaiyan Sathiyadash, Thangavelu Muthukumar, Shanmugaraj Bala Murugan, Ramalingam Sathishkumar, Eswaranpillai Uma, Sarah Jaison, Perumalsamy Priyadharsini
    Number of views: 134
  • Pages 119-125
    Effect of foliar spray from seaweed liquid fertilizer of Ulva reticulata (Forsk.) on Vigna mungo L. and their elemental composition using SEM – energy dispersive spectroscopic analysis
    Authors: G Ganapathy Selvam, K Sivakumar
    Number of views: 126
  • Pages 126-131
    Acrosome membrane integrity and cryocapacitation are related to cholesterol content of bull spermatozoa
    Authors: N Srivastava, SK Srivastava, SK Ghosh, Amit Kumar, P Perumal, A Jerome
    Number of views: 125
  • Pages 132-135
    Citing articles (6) Open Access Open Access Article Development of bioanalytical parameters for standardization of Azadiracta indica
    Authors: Dinesh K Patel, S P Dhanabal
    Number of views: 102
  • Pages 142-145
    Clinical signs, symptoms and serum level of interleukin–6 and tumor necrosis factor in women with or without endometriosis
    Authors: Wachyu Hadisaputra
    Number of views: 126
  • 136-141
    Immunoexpression of matrix metalloproteinase–2 (MMP–2) in epithelial ovarian cancers (EOCs)
    Authors: Ibrahim A Abdelazim, Mohannad Lutfi Abu faza, Mohammed Al-Kadi
    Number of views: 111

Number 2(01), 2013

  • Pages 1-7
    The rate of trophoblast shedding/deportation alters with increasing gestational age: An in vitro model to quantify trophoblast deportation
    Authors: Mohamed H Abumaree, Peter R Stone, Fawaz Abomaray, Nail Hassan, Mohamed F El-Muzaini, Larry W Chamley
    Number of views: 176
  • Pages 8-14
    Influence of mineral supplementation on oxidative stress, ovarian follicles growth and reproductive hormone concentration in cyclic Arab mares
    Authors: Amal M Abo El-Maaty, Amena M Ibrahim, Omima H Ezzo
    Number of views: 145
  • Pages 15-18
    Evaluation of antispermatogenic effect of Garcinia kola seed extract in Albino rats
    Authors: AH Abu, PO Amuta, E Buba, TR Inusa
    Number of views: 144
  • Pages 19-24
    Estrogenic activity of Punica granatum L. peel extract
    Authors: Swaha Satpathy, Arjun Patra, Ajit P Purohit
    Number of views: 147
  • Pages 25-29
    Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1 (Actim PROM test®) for detection of premature rupture of fetal membranes
    Authors: Ibrahim A Abdelazim
    Number of views: 138
  • Pages 30-33
    Role of −460 C/T VEGF gene polymorphism in preeclampsia
    Authors: Surbhi Roy, Manjari Matah, Deepika Jaiswal, Kiran Singh
    Number of views: 145
  • Pages 34-37
    Relation between single serum progesterone assay and viability of the first trimester pregnancy
    Authors: Ibrahim A Abdelazim, Maha M Belal, Hanan H Makhlouf
    Number of views: 126
  • Pages 38-41
    Relation between interleukin-6 in the cervicovaginal fluid and subclinical chorioamnionitis in patients with preterm premature rupture of membranes
    Authors: Ibrahim A Abdelazim
    Number of views: 131
  • Pages 42-44
    Randomized clinical trial on a hydrating intimate cleanser as an adjuvant in vulvar dermatosis therapy
    Authors: Filippo Murina, Claudio Benvenuti
    Number of views: 138
  • Pages 45-48
    Pipelle endometrial sampling versus conventional dilatation & curettage in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding
    Authors: Ibrahim A Abdelazim, Amro Abo Elezz, Amr F Abdelkarim
    Number of views: 151
  • Pages 49-51
    Internal quality control for the direct MAR IgG test: A simple and effective method using spiked seminal plasma
    Authors: Kailin Yap, Tara Cawley, Phillip Matson
    Number of views: 135
  • Pages 52-57
    Prenatal diagnosis and further clinical characteristics of spina bifida
    Authors: Attila Rab
    Number of views: 150
  • Pages 58-62
    Adolescents' perspective regarding adolescent pregnancy, sexuality and contraception
    Authors: James A Osaikhuwuomwan, Abieyuwa P Osemwenkha
    Number of views: 123
  • Pages 63-68
    Postpartum anxiety disorders
    Authors: Marni L Jacob, Eric A Storch
    Number of views: 125
  • Pages 69-75
    Neuroleptic drug induced hyperprolactinaemia: Pathophysiology, safety and acceptability
    Authors: Prashant Tiwari, Anish Chandy, Kuldip Kumar, Rahul Mishra, Dheeraj Ahirwar
    Number of views: 140
  • Pages 76-79
    Pregnancies in XY women: Is a weak myometrium cause of complications during pregnancy and delivery?
    Authors: J Fedder, M Ørskov, Petersen K Rubeck
    Number of views: 135
  • Pages 82-84
    Methotrexate-induced peritonitis: Case report
    Authors: Isin Ureyen, Hilal Ilgin, Alper Karalok, Omer Tapisiz, Taner Turan, Nurettin Boran, Gokhan Tulunay
    Number of views: 147

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