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Journal of Acute Disease

Number 7(2), 2018

  • 49-68
    "Reconciliation vessel" within de I-Ching book: Theoretical methodological analysis of its relevant hexagrams
    Authors: Adrián Ángel Inchauspe
    Number of views: 10
  • 69-73
    The effects of large doses of vitamin C and vitamin E on nerve injury, neurotrophic and oxidative stress in patients with acute craniocerebral injury.
    Authors: Cheng Zhang, Jianming Li, Junlin Hu, Xia Zhou
    Number of views: 10
  • 74-77
    Antimicrobial resistance pattern in ventilator-associated pneumonia in an intensive care unit of Babol, northern Iran
    Authors: Mahmoud Sadeghi-Haddad-Zavareh, Hadi Ahmadi Jouybari, Mostafa Javanian, Mehran Shokri, Masomeh Bayani, Mohammad Reza Hasanjani Roushan, Arefeh Babazadeh, Soheil Ebrahimpour, Parviz Amri Maleh
    Number of views: 9
  • 78-82
    The experimental research on the treatment of rabbits with acute cornea alkali burn by taking bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell
    Authors: Zhou Yin
    Number of views: 9
  • 83-87
    Epidemiology of trauma in Markazi (Center) province of Iran; eliminate the hazard is first priority
    Authors: Abolfazl Jokar, Abdolghader Pakniyat, Morteza Qaribi, Golnesa Mardani
    Number of views: 8
  • 88-89
    Atypical zoonotic pox: Acute merging illness that can be easily forgotten
    Authors: Somsri Wiwanitkit, Viroj Wiwanitkit
    Number of views: 9
  • 90-92
    Fish borne acute renal failure
    Authors: Sora Yasri, Viroj Wiwanitkit
    Number of views: 8

Number 7(1), 2018

  • 1-4
    An overview of the construction of emergency and pre-hospital first aid platform
    Authors: Song Chen, Yun-Qiang Chen, Shao-Wen Cheng, Zhi-Qian Luo, Wei Zhang, Zeng-Lin Cao, Jin-Zhong Wang, Chuan-Zhu Lv
    Number of views: 21
  • 5-14
    Acute myocardial infarction and Yin Yang imbalance
    Authors: Adrián Ángel Inchauspe
    Number of views: 23
  • 15-19
    The laparoscopic approach in emergency surgery: A review of the literature
    Authors: Ionut Negoi, Mircea Beuran, Cezar Ciubotaru, Adelina Cruceru, Sorin Hostiuc, Massimo Sartelli, Matthew Hernandez, Mihaela Vartic
    Number of views: 22
  • 20-25
    Neuroprotective effects of progesterone in acute brain trauma and its physiological mechanism
    Authors: Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar, Alexis Narvaez-Rojas, Amit Agrawal, Guru Dutta Satyarthee, Samer Hoz, Johana Maraby-Salgado, Andrei F. Joaquim
    Number of views: 23
  • 26-30
    Progress in the surgery of rectal cancer
    Authors: Rudolf Schiessel
    Number of views: 21
  • 31-35
    Role of first day levels and subsequent trends of serum proteins in acute burns
    Authors: Shobhit Gupta, Sameek Bhattacharya, Parul Goyal
    Number of views: 36
  • 36-42
    Diminazene aceturate modified nanocomposite for improved efficacy in acute trypanosome infection
    Authors: Oluwatosin Kudirat Shittu, Shaba Yisa Aaron, Mariam Damilola Oladuntoye, Bashir Lawal
    Number of views: 24
  • 43-44
    Acute intra-operative brain swelling managed effectively with emergency basal cisternostomy: A case report
    Authors: Muthanna Noman Abdulqader, Ahmed Hamid Al-Tameemi, Hayder Salih, Samer S. Hoz, Abdullah H. Al Ramadan, Luis Rafael Moscote Salazar
    Number of views: 37
  • 45-48
    A case report of acute pulmonary vein stenosis
    Authors: Xin-Yan Huang, Yu-Kun Kuang, Jian-Qiang Huang, Yu-Biao Guo
    Number of views: 22

Number 7 (1), 2018

No articles found.

Number 6(6), 2017

  • 241-244
    Research progress of transfering mitochondria application in nanotubes in treatment of acute lung injury sepsis
    Authors: Jin Qian, Dong-Mei Sun, Qi-Feng Huang, Xiao-Ran Liu
    Number of views: 42
  • 245-254
    Eslicarbazepine acetate: A therapeutic agent of paramount importance in acute anticonvulsant therapy
    Authors: Farah Iram, Shah Alam Khan, Aftab Ahmad, Anees A. Siddiqui, Asif Husain
    Number of views: 41
  • 255-259
    Latest research progress on acute nephrotic syndrome
    Authors: Satinder Kakar, Vishal Kumar, Ramandeep Singh
    Number of views: 46
  • 260-263
    Acute lung injury mechanism and therapy induced by paraquat poisoning
    Authors: Xian-Li Liu, Xiao-Ran Liu, Chuan-Zhu Lu
    Number of views: 42
  • 264-267
    Study on relationship between acute gastrointestinal disease and Helicobacter pylori infections
    Authors: Maryam Salehi, Farzin Sadeghi, Javad Shokri Shirvani, Elahe Ferdosi Shahandashti, Soraya Khafri, Ramezan Rajabnia
    Number of views: 36
  • 268-271
    Using markedly abnormal vital signs in the emergency department to anticipate needs for intensive care unit admission
    Authors: Jason Imperato, Daniel J Henning, Patrick J McBee, Leon D Sanchez
    Number of views: 36
  • 272-277
    Epidemiological and demographic study of acute animal biting in Abdanan County, Ilam Province, Western Iran
    Authors: Hamid Kassiri, Masoud Lotfi, Atefe Ebrahimi
    Number of views: 39
  • 278-283
    Surgical outcomes of acute acetabular transverse fracture using ilioinguinal and Stoppa approach
    Authors: Faizan Iqbal, Akram Ali Uddin, Sajid Younus, Osama Bin Zia, Naveed Khan, Asmatullah
    Number of views: 37

Number 6(5), 2017

  • 193-197
    Protective effects of Aristolochia longa and Aquilaria malaccensis against lead induced acute liver injury in rats
    Authors: Derouiche Samir, Zeghib Khaoula, Gharbi Safa, Khelef Yahia, Feriani Anouar
    Number of views: 42
  • 198-204
    Acute abdomen presentation in dengue fever during recent outbreak
    Authors: Bal Kishan Gupta, Hardeva Ram Nehara, Sahil Parmar, Shyam Lal Meena, Suresh Gajraj, Jigyasa Gupta
    Number of views: 39
  • 205-209
    Analysis of the disease spectra in patients seeking emergency medical treatment in Haikou, China
    Authors: Dong-Mei Sun, Qing-Fei Zhong, Qian-E Du, Jia-Qi Xu, Fu-Jiang Liu, Xiao-Ran Liu
    Number of views: 32
  • 210-213
    Emergency treatment of proximal femural fracture within 48h: The Umbria Region experience
    Authors: Pellegrino Ferrara, Luca Khalil El Jaouni, Giuseppe Rocco Talesa, Serena Parmeggiani
    Number of views: 45
  • 214-217
    Acute complications of liver hydatidosis: Still associated with significant morbidity
    Authors: Gianmarco Lotito, Ionut Negoi, Mircea Beuran
    Number of views: 37
  • 218-221
    Conversion disorder in a neurological emergency department: Restrospective series
    Authors: Alejandro Cardozo, Maria-Alejandra Rubiano, Giovanny Garces, Jaime-Andres Giraldo, Jose Bareño
    Number of views: 46
  • 222-226
    The damage control in tibial pilon open fractures with a new external fixator delta frame
    Authors: Giuseppe Rollo, Andrea Pasquino, Paolo Pichierri, Michele Bisaccia, Alessandro Stasi, Marco Giaracuni, Niki Cazzella, Luigi Meccariello
    Number of views: 50
  • 227-228
    Acute opisthorchiasis: What about the clinical manifestation?
    Authors: Pathoom Sukkaromdee, Viroj Wiwanitkit
    Number of views: 41
  • 229-231
    An uncommon cause of abdominal pain in a child: Meckel diverticulum
    Authors: Anna Chiara Iolanda Contini, Tamara Caldaro, Giovanni Federici di Abriola, Erminia Romeo, Valerio Balassone, Francesca Rea, Filippo Torroni, Paola De Angelis, Simona Faraci, Giulia Angelino, Renato Tambucci, Luigi Dall'Oglio
    Number of views: 41
  • 232-234
    Traumatic transection of main stem bronchus with unexpected clinical presentation- A case report
    Authors: Chao-Kun Chen, Ying-Chieh Su, Chu-Li Tu, Chien-Ming Chao, Yao Fong
    Number of views: 41
  • 235-236
    Status epilepticus and acute promyelocytic leukemia
    Authors: Sunil Kumar Garg, Pragya Garg
    Number of views: 39
  • 237-238
    Conservative management for acute renal rupture in blunt trauma
    Authors: Rim Karray, Olfa Chakroun-Walha, Basma Souissi, Noureddine Rekik
    Number of views: 41
  • 239-240
    Staphylococcus cohnii: Not so innocuous
    Authors: Sunil Garg
    Number of views: 37

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