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Central European Journal of Zoology

Number 4 (1), 2018

Number 3 (1), 2017

  • 4-18
    Comparative Analysis of Polylocus Spectra of ISSR-PCR Markers in Dogs, Jackals And Wolves
    Authors: Irina I. Gaponova, Valery I. Glazko, Tatiana V. Blokhina, Eugenia A. Knyaseva, Tatiana T. Glazko
    Number of views: 415
  • 19-26
    Spectra of IRAP Markers in Sheep, Cattle, Horses
    Authors: Valeriy I. Glazko, Tatiana T. Glazko
    Number of views: 368

Number 2 (3), 2016

  • 28-39
    The Current State of the Fish Fauna of the State Natural Reserve “Utrish”
    Authors: A.R. Boltachev, E.P. Karpova, O.N. Bykhalova, R.E. Prishchepa, E.R. Ablyazov, V.V. Gubanov, O.N. Danilyuk
    Number of views: 413
  • 40-50
    Transformation of the Avifauna on Imeretinskaya Lowland after Sochi 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games
    Authors: Lev M. Shagarov
    Number of views: 417

Number 1 (2), 2016

  • 4-10
    Multiparametrnaya Evaluation of Monitoring Reproductive Birds on Southeastern Caucasus
    Authors: G.T. Mustafaev, Sh.M. Jafarova, A.T. Mamedov
    Number of views: 408
  • 11-24
    The Formation of a Complex of Ordinary Chernozem Soil Fauna in the Process of Natural Steppe Territories
    Authors: E.I. Simonovich, A.A. Kazadaev
    Number of views: 413

Number 1 (1), 2015

  • 4-23
    Bats of the Sochi National Park and their Protection
    Authors: Alexey V. Romashin
    Number of views: 456
  • 24-46
    Fauna of Dong Nai Biosphere reserve, Southern Vietnam
    Authors: Nguyen Van Thinh, Alla A. Okolelova
    Number of views: 453

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