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International Journal of Advanced Networking and Applications

Number Vol11 (06), 2020

  • 4429-4442
    Secure Handover Protocol For High Speed 5G Networks
    Authors: Vincent Omollo Nyangaresi, Anthony J. Rodrigues, Silvance O. Abeka
    Number of views: 7
  • 4443-4450
    Asymptotical Synchronization of Coupled Time-delay Partial Differential Systems via Pinning Control and Boundary Control
    Authors: He Hong
    Number of views: 3
  • 4451-4457
    Benchmarking Meta-heuristic Optimization
    Authors: Mona Nasr, Omar Farouk, Ahmed Mohamedeen, Ali Elrafie, Marwan Bedeir, Ali Khaled
    Number of views: 3
  • 4458-4467
    Content Modelling Intelligence System Based on Automatic Text Summarization
    Authors: Sanjan S Malagi, Rachana Radhakrishnan, Monisha R, Keerthana S, Dr D V Ashoka
    Number of views: 4
  • 4468-4474
    Cybernetic Communication Roles in Managing Corona Virus Pandemic Risk: Nigeria Case
    Authors: 1 Yekini Nureni Asafe, 2 Oloyede Adetokunbo Olamide, 3 Akinwole Agnes Kikelomo
    Number of views: 3
  • 4475-4485
    Optimal Feature Subset Selection Using Cuckoo Search on IoT Network
    Authors: Samah Osama M. Kamel, SanaaAbouElhamayed
    Number of views: 5
  • 4486-4493
    Multi-Tenant Endorsement using Linguistic Model for Cloud Computing
    Authors: Dr. M. N. Faruk, Dr. G. Lakshmi Vara Prasad, Dr. K. Lakshmi Prasad
    Number of views: 3
  • 4494-4500
    Remote Proctored Theory and Objective Online Examination
    Authors: Prakash Sinha, Dileshwari, Aman Yadav
    Number of views: 3
  • 4501-4508
    Realtime Multi-Person 2D Pose Estimation
    Authors: Mona Nasr, Rana Osama, Hussein Ayman, Nouran Mosaad, Nourhan Ebrahim, Adriana mounir
    Number of views: 4

Number Vol11 (05), 2020

  • 4378-4385
    The Research of Group Mobility Model Based on Spectral Clustering Algorithm in Opportunistic Networks
    Authors: He Hong, Wang Ning
    Number of views: 7
  • 4386-4392
    Reinforcement Learning in DASH
    Authors: Koffka Khan, Wayne Goodridge
    Number of views: 5
  • 4393-4398
    Intelligent Recommendation System Based on K-means Clustering Algorithm
    Authors: Tang Zhi-hang, Guo Tao, Li Jun, Wu Shi-qi
    Number of views: 6
  • 4399-4406
    Enlightening and Predicting the Correlation Around Deep Neural Nets and Cognitive Perceptions
    Authors: Chandra Bhim Bhan Singh
    Number of views: 4
  • 4407-4417
    Basic Gene Discretization-Model using Correlation Clustering for Distributed DNA Databases
    Authors: Dr.Vijay Arputharaj J, Ms.Pushpa Rega Ganesan, Mr.Ponsuresh Manoharan, Ms.P.Supraja
    Number of views: 4
  • 4418-4422
    Secure Online Electronic Civil Registration Using Cloud Computing: A Conceptual Framework
    Number of views: 5
  • 4423-4428
    Big Data with Column Oriented NOSQL Database to Overcome the Drawbacks of Relational Databases
    Authors: NaglaaSaeedShehata, Amira Hassan Abed
    Number of views: 6

Number Vol11 (04), 2020

  • 4321-4329
    Recovery And Concurrency Challenging In Big Data And NoSQL Database Systems
    Authors: Amira Hassan Abed
    Number of views: 4
  • 4330-4335
    Nakagami Fading Impact on the Performances of VANET Routing Protocols in a Realistic Urban Area Setting
    Authors: Hanene Brahmia, Cherif Tolba
    Number of views: 7
  • 4336-4344
    Efficient-Path Selection Scheme Using Optimized Adhoc on Demand Multipath Routing Protocol For Adhoc Networks
    Authors: Bekan Kitaw, Fisseha Bayu, Gemechu Birhanu
    Number of views: 6
  • 4345-4349
    Scientific Trends and Role of Robots in the Agricultural Sector
    Authors: E Mamatha, S Saritha, Krishna Anand, CS Reddy
    Number of views: 5
  • 4350-4353
    Role of Statistical Parameter in Digital Image Enhancement
    Authors: Dhirendra Pal Singh
    Number of views: 6
  • 4354-4358
    New Identity Batch Verification Privacy Scheme in VANET
    Authors: Shazia Suthana, Dr. B N Manjunatha Reddy
    Number of views: 5
  • 4359-4366
    Cognitive Inductive Prejudice for Corporal Edifice in Hominids and Contraption
    Authors: Chandra Bhim Bhan Singh
    Number of views: 3
  • 4367-4373
    Maximal Security Issues and Threats Protection in Grid and Cloud Computing Environment
    Authors: Saurabh Gupta, Sangeeta Rani, Kalpana Batra
    Number of views: 7
  • 4374-4377
    Fibonacci Technique for Privacy and Security to Sensitive Data on Cloud Environment
    Authors: Harikrishna Bommala, Dr. S. Kiran, T.Venkateswarlu, M. Asha Aruna Sheela
    Number of views: 5

Number Vol11 (03), 2019

  • 4263-4269
    Stochastic Dynamic Programming in DASH
    Authors: Koffka Khan, Wayne Goodridge
    Number of views: 39
  • 4270-4276
    A Survey of Different Approaches of Machine Learning in Healthcare Management System
    Authors: Dr. Krishan Kumar Goyal, Aejaz Hassan Paray
    Number of views: 49
  • 4277-4282
    Autonomous Urban Garden
    Authors: Francisco Ángel Luna Hernández; Mayra Hernández Oramas; Victor Manuel Arias Peregrino
    Number of views: 30
  • 4283-4288
    Pass-thoughts Authentication System based on EEG Signals Using Artificial Neural Network
    Authors: Amer A. Sallam; Amin Saif; Mogeeb A. Saeed; Siham A. Mohammed
    Number of views: 36
  • 4289-4293
    Device Capable of Detecting Cavities and Objects for People with Visual Impairment
    Authors: Ayax Israel Isidro Alvarado; Victor Manuel Arias Peregrino; Dulce María León de la O; Alejandro Hernández Cadena; Jose Ángel Jesus Magaña
    Number of views: 42
  • 4294-4297
    Oral Cancer Detection: Feature Extraction & SVM Classification
    Authors: Shilpa Harnale; Dr. Dhananjay Maktedar
    Number of views: 51
  • 4298-4304
    The Future of Internet of Things for Anomalies Detection using Thermography
    Authors: Amira Hassan Abed; Mona Nasr; Walaa Saber
    Number of views: 39
  • 4305-4308
    Time To Live (TTL) Impact on the Performance of STAR Protocol in MANETs
    Authors: C P V N J Mohan Rao; S. Pallamsetty; P V G D Prasad Reddy
    Number of views: 48
  • 4309-4320
    Feature Selection Methods for Classifying Email Messages: Analysis, Proposal, and Comparative Study
    Authors: Sanaa Abou Elhamayed; Samah Osama M. Kamel
    Number of views: 32

Number Vol11 (02), 2019

  • 4190-4197
    Performance of Q-Learning algorithms in DASH
    Authors: Koffka Khan; Wayne Goodridge
    Number of views: 49
  • 4198-4204
    Network Lifetime Optimization in Sensor Cloud
    Authors: Prashant Sangulagi; Ashok V. Sutagundar; Tabrunisa Abdul Rashid
    Number of views: 45
  • 4205-4212
    Lightweight & Energy Efficient Secure Data Transmission in WSN
    Authors: Sangamesh J.Kalyane; Dr.Nagaraj B.Patil
    Number of views: 41
  • 4213-4217
    Context Aware Load Balancing in IoT
    Authors: Ashok V. Sutagundar; Prashant Sangulagi; Neelamma Tarapur
    Number of views: 54
  • 4218-4223
    Performance Comparison of Various Hierarchical WSN Routing Protocols
    Authors: Hamdy H. El-Sayed1; Hassan Shaban Hassan2
    Number of views: 43
  • 4224-4230
    A Novel Approach for Detection and Tracking of Vessels on Maritime Sequences
    Authors: Disha Patel; Dippal Israni; Mrugedrasinh Rahevar
    Number of views: 48
  • 4231-4235
    Applying Data Mining Techniques for Predicting Diseases
    Authors: Basant Ali Sayed; Mona Nasr
    Number of views: 40
  • 4236-4243
    Collaborative Methods to Reduce the Disastrous Effects of the Overlapping ON Problem in DASH
    Authors: Koffka Khan; Wayne Goodridge
    Number of views: 46
  • 4244-4251
    Effects of Number of Nodes and Network Area Size Parameters on WSN Protocols Performances
    Authors: Hamdy H. El-Sayed
    Number of views: 43
  • 4252-4262
    Integrating Intrusion Detection Model Using Ensemble of Classifiers and Extreme Learning Machine
    Authors: Rayees Ahmad Sheikh1; Abid Ud Din Wani2; Abhishek Bhardwaj3
    Number of views: 44

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