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International Journal of Engineering and Techniques

Number Vol3Issue4, 2017

  • 1-5
    Analytics of Market Place Report and Accuracy Using Big-Data Applications
    Authors: - P.Karthik
    Number of views: 95
  • 6-9
    Bluetooth Security Threats: A Survey
    Authors: - Rajendra kumar , Namrata Dhanda
    Number of views: 207
  • 10-17
    Some Studies on Gain Spectra Optimization of Multi Pumped Th3+ - Er3+ (Thulium Erbium) Doped Hybrid Optical Amplifier
    Authors: - Karan Singh , Karamdeep Singh , Shivinder Devra , Gagandeep Kaur
    Number of views: 113
  • 18-25
    Evaluation of Security Aspects of Some Optical Code Division Multiple Access (OCDMA) Systems
    Authors: - Karambir Singh , Karamdeep Singh , Shivinder Devra , Gagandeep Kaur
    Number of views: 86
  • 26-29
    A Evaluation of OSI Reference model and Comparison with TCP/IP Model
    Authors: - Rajendra kumar, Namrata Dhanda
    Number of views: 690
  • 30-35
    Automated Vehicle Collision Avoidance and Navigation Using Raspberry Pi
    Authors: - R.Surya Kumar , P.Kingston Stanley, A.Sanjeevi Gandhi
    Number of views: 433
  • 36-40
    Performance Analysis of Solar Thermal Cooling System for an Office Building in Indian Climates using Flat Plate Collector
    Authors: - B.L.Gupta , Naveen Jha , Dhawal Vyas , Amit Daiya
    Number of views: 137
  • 41-54
    An all-optical CSNRZ, DBNRZ& MDBNRZ to NRZ Format Conversion Strategy Based on a Single Mach-Zehnder Delayed Interferometer (MZ-DI)
    Authors: - Mamta Bhatti, Karamdeep Singh , Shivinder Devra , Gagandeep Kaur
    Number of views: 110
  • 55-56
    A Study on Conjunctive Keyword Search with Designated Tester and Timing Enabled Proxy Re-Encryption Function for E-Health Clouds
    Authors: - A. Senthil Kumar, S.Abirami
    Number of views: 162
  • 59-65
    Performance optimization of a wireless multimedia transmission system based on the reduction of PAPR
    Authors: - Sara Riahi
    Number of views: 103
  • 73-80
    Public Auditing for Shared Cloud Data with Group User Revocation
    Authors: - N.Gayathri , Dr.A.Nagarajan
    Number of views: 78
  • 81-85
    Confidential E-Voting System Using Face Detection and Recognition
    Authors: - Aanjana Devi.S , Dr.Palanisamy.V , Anandha Jothi.R
    Number of views: 178
  • 86-91
    Neural Networks for Shortest Path Computation and Routing in Computer Networks
    Authors: - R.Karthikeyan, Dr.T.Geetha , Thamaraiselvi V , Tharani V
    Number of views: 140
  • 92-111
    Mechanical Engineering in Ancient Egypt, Part 53: Farming Tools
    Authors: - Galal Ali Hassaan
    Number of views: 216
  • 112-115
    Analyzing the Behavior of Electricity Consumption Using Hadoop
    Authors: - Dr. Mohammed Abdul Waheed, Samreen Sultana`
    Number of views: 135
  • 116-123
    Microcontroller Based Coin Counter with Segregator and Packing System
    Authors: - Marjun S. Sequera , Christine Marie J. Madrid , Cozzete Ebora , Kent Excel Lagare , Mark Dariel Laid , Keno Lamaclamac , Vhynne Clyve Llamis , Cayetano Moreto III, Mary Katheleen Panaligan
    Number of views: 1063
  • 124-128
    Personal Identification with Human Iris Recognition Based on EMD
    Authors: - Shubhangi D C , Nageshwari Anakal
    Number of views: 130
  • 129-133
    An Insight into Virtual Private Networks & IP Tunneling
    Authors: - Karthikeyan R, Dr.T.Geetha , Sathya G , Aarthi V
    Number of views: 88
  • 134-139
    Secure Online Voting System Using Voice Activity Detection Algorithm in Biometrics
    Authors: - S. Nasrin , Dr.V. Palanisamy, R. Anandha Jothi
    Number of views: 161
  • 140-145
    The Effects of Grape Seed Powder and Extract on Quality of Fermented Turkish Sausage
    Authors: - Zeynep Koc
    Number of views: 84
  • 146-152
    Performance and Analysis of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine with Composite Material Blades
    Authors: - B.Nagendra Prasad , G.Praveen Kumar Yadav
    Number of views: 81

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