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International Journal of Engineering and Techniques

Number Vol2Issue6, 2016

  • 1-6
    Detecting the Movements of a Target Using Polygon Tracking in Wireless Device Networks
    Authors: - P.Bhanumathi. MSC, M.Phil., K.Sangeetha
    Number of views: 95
  • 7-12
    Development of hybrid Vapor compression Air Conditioning System Save Energy for Air Cool and Water Heater
    Authors: - Kaidir Musa , Mulyanef , Burmawi
    Number of views: 72
  • 13-16
    Emerging Wireless Technologies � WiMax
    Authors: - Kartik Agarwal , Astitv Nagpal , Dr. K. Manikandan
    Number of views: 85
  • 17-26
    Hybrid Double Lap Joint in Laminated FRP Composites Analysis
    Authors: - K., K. Somaiah chowdary, K.Balakrishna Reddy
    Number of views: 115
  • 36-41
    An Energy Efficient Multicasting Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
    Authors: - Akshdeep Kaur, Jyoti Saxena, Ravneet Kaur
    Number of views: 110
  • 42-44
    Future and Scope of E-Commerce in India
    Authors: - Renu Saini
    Number of views: 84
  • 45-47
    A study on Optimized Link State Routing Protocol (OLSR),Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
    Authors: - Satyam Awasthi, Soumosir Dutta, Deepanshu Arora ,Prof.Manikandan K
    Number of views: 88
  • 59-63
    Review of Effort Distribution in IT Companies
    Authors: - Reetuparna Mukherjee, Taniya Gupta, Mythili Thirugnanam
    Number of views: 844
  • 64-69
    A MMC Based Three-Phase Wind Energy Inverter (WEI) With Flexible AC Transmission System
    Authors: - Nageswara Rao Challa, S Chandraprakash Rao S
    Number of views: 107
  • 70-74
    DC Motor Speed Control Using Microcontroller
    Authors: - Sarita S Umadi, Dinesh Patil
    Number of views: 77
  • 83-86
    Development of an Oil Extraction Machine for Cashew Nut Shell
    Authors: - Thierry Godjo
    Number of views: 547
  • 87-95
    Design and Analysis of Pusher Arm Hub
    Authors: - Rajani Shinde, Prof. Nalawade S.P , Prof. N. Chandran
    Number of views: 93
  • 96-104
    The Involvement of Users as Co-Producers of Knowledge in Information System Development Process
    Authors: - Ashutosh Das, Aayush Devgan ,Manjula R
    Number of views: 66
  • 105-112
    Theoretical Studies on Corrosion Inhibition Effect of Coumarin and its Derivatives against Metals using Computational Methods
    Authors: - V. Kavitha, Dr. N. Gunavathy
    Number of views: 126
  • 113-117
    Content Based Image Retrieval Using Multi feature fusion Extraction
    Authors: - Shrutayu M.Thakre, Prof. D.G.Gahane
    Number of views: 63
  • 118-124
    Effect of Using Nanofluids as Cooling Fluids on Performance of an Engine Block
    Authors: - CH. Harish Kumar, D.Triupathi Rao
    Number of views: 97
  • 125-129
    A Survey On Software as a service
    Authors: - Nitesh Kumar, Rishav Kumar, Amit Kumar ,Priya G
    Number of views: 77
  • 140-147
    Real Time Implementation of Eye Tracking System Using Arduino Uno Based Hardware Interface
    Authors: - B.K. Venugopal, Dilson D�souza
    Number of views: 719
  • 148-152
    Student�s Placement Eligibility Prediction using Fuzzy Approach
    Authors: - Ravina Sangha, Akshay Satras, Lisha Swamy, Gopal Deshmukh
    Number of views: 225
  • 159-165
    Survey on IoT Technologies for Home Automation System
    Authors: - Radhika C, Menaka M
    Number of views: 50
  • 166-170
    A review on Joining Approaches in Hadoop Framework and Skewness Associate to it
    Authors: - Bibhudutta Jena
    Number of views: 73
  • 178-184
    Design Modification and Analysis of V6 Engine Mounting Bracket
    Authors: - A.Harish , Dr.N.Venkatachalapathi
    Number of views: 268
  • 185-188
    Automatic Bug Triage with Data Reduction
    Authors: - Fareen Sayed, Hetvi Shah, Prajakta Ohal, Namrata Kharat, Gopal Deshmukh
    Number of views: 92
  • 185-188
    Behavior of Symmetric and Asymmetric Structure in High Seismic Zone
    Authors: Desai R.M, Khurd V.G., Patil S.P., Bavane N.U.
    Number of views: 501
  • 194-200
    Decolorization of Dyes from Synthetic Wastewaters Using Biosynthesized Silver Nano Particles
    Authors: - Dr. Ch. A. I. Raju, D.Bharghavi, K.Satyanandam, K.Prem ,Dr. M. Tukaram Bai.
    Number of views: 187
  • 201-203
    Automatic Material Handling and Sorting of Defective Gear Using Image Processing
    Authors: - Digambar S. kale, Ajinkya V. maknikar.
    Number of views: 178
  • 203-211
    Comparative Analysis of Classification Algorithms Used for Disease Prediction in Data Mining
    Authors: - Amit Tate, Bajrangsingh Rajpurohit, Jayanand Pawar, Ujwala Gavhane,Gopal B. Deshmukh.
    Number of views: 337
  • 212-214
    Ranked Keyword Search Technique for Privacy Preserving
    Authors: - Sandhya Pradip Mohite
    Number of views: 88

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