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International Journal of Engineering and Techniques

Number Vol2Issue3, 2016

  • 1-4
    Design and Implementation of 10-Bit Pseudo Random Sequence Generator for 50 MHz
    Authors: - IJETG.Hemanth Kumar, Dr.M.Saravanan, Charan Kumar.K.
    Number of views: 419
  • 5-9
    Computer Vision: Pedestrian Detection Algorithm for Traffic Light Control System
    Authors: - IJETShraddhaKallappaWalikar, Dr. Aswatha Kumar M
    Number of views: 304
  • 10-15
    Accident Detection and Ambulance Rescue using Raspberry Pi
    Authors: - IJETKavya K, Dr. Geetha C R
    Number of views: 101
  • 16-21
    E-Health Care Smart Networked System
    Authors: - IJETManjunath Aski, Prathibha P
    Number of views: 383
  • 22-26
    Smarter Grid Embedded in an Internet of Things
    Authors: - IJETJamuna H G, Shobha Hugar
    Number of views: 73
  • 27-32
    Security System for Industries Using Raspberry PI and IOT
    Authors: - IJETAjeeth, Sandhya raani M H
    Number of views: 136
  • 33-38
    Automatic Text Categorization on News Articles
    Authors: - IJETMuthe Sandhya, Shitole Sarika, Sinha Anukriti, Aghav Sushila
    Number of views: 154
  • 39-46
    Static Structural analysis of gear tooth
    Authors: - IJETPravin B. Sonawane, P.G.Damle
    Number of views: 78
  • 47-53
    An Efficient High Dimensional Indexing Method For Content Based Image Retrieval(CBIR)
    Authors: - IJETRuchi Kumari , Sandhya Tarar
    Number of views: 101
  • 54-58
    Risk Management Using Raspberry Pi and Sensors
    Authors: - IJETSudha .H. Ayatti , D.Vamsi Krishna , Vishwajeet .R. Marathe , Ameya .S. Patil
    Number of views: 458
  • 64-75
    A Comparative Analysis of Three Phase Induction Motor Performance Evaluation
    Authors: - IJETFrance O. Akpojedje, Ese M. Okah, Yussuf O. Abu
    Number of views: 908
  • 76-82
    Implementation Paper on Document Recommendation in Conversations
    Authors: - IJETAnshika, Sujit Tak, Sandeep Ugale, Abhishek Pohekar
    Number of views: 87
  • 83-93
    Enhancement of Privacy Preserving Technique using Slicing with Entity Resolution
    Authors: - IJETS.Renuka Devi, A.C. Sumathi
    Number of views: 89
  • 94-96
    Design and Development of Automobile Silencer for Effective Vibration and Noise Control
    Authors: - IJETSidharam Ambadas Basargi , Gopal Joshi
    Number of views: 339
  • 97-101
    Energy Optimization of Condenser water loop in HVAC System using Artificial Co-operative Search (ACS) algorithm
    Authors: - IJETD.Jayakumar, Dr.D.B.Jabaraj
    Number of views: 114
  • 102-108
    Investigation of Energy Component Emulator Encouraged DC Motor
    Authors: - IJETR.C.Rohini, G.Srividhya
    Number of views: 85
  • 109-117
    Speed Control Single Phase Induction Motor Using Android Phone
    Authors: - IJETMr. B. N. Patil , Mr. Sandesh Sonar , Mr. Pavankumar Karadiguddi , Mr. Shivanand Banti
    Number of views: 85
  • 118-122
    Retrieval of Information Using Fuzzy Queries
    Authors: - IJETPriyanka Sharma
    Number of views: 94
  • 123-127
    Heat Transfer Enhancement Techniques with Inserts Different Geometries - A Review
    Authors: - IJETPravin S.Nikam , R.Y.Patil, P.R.Patil, P.N.Borse
    Number of views: 682
  • 128-131
    Classification of Thyroid Disease with Feature Selection Technique
    Authors: - IJETAmit Kumar Dewangan, Akhilesh Kumar Shrivas, Prem Kumar
    Number of views: 146
  • 132-138
    A Survey on Diagnosis of Liver Disease Classification
    Authors: - IJETHarsha Pakhale, Deepak Kumar Xaxa
    Number of views: 310
  • 139-143
    Comparison between Experimental and Analytical Analysis of Single Ball Continuous Variable Transmission System
    Authors: - IJETDhanashree N Chaudhari , Pundlik N Patil
    Number of views: 88

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