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International Journal of Computer Techniques

Number Vol5Issue4, 2018

  • 01 - 09
    Comparison Analysis of Fuzzy Mamdani and Sugeno Methods for the Detection of Flooded Vulnerable Areas: A Case Study of Pringsewu Sub-district
    Authors: Agustinus Eko Setiawan, Ratnasari, Anita Triana
    Number of views: 32
  • 10 - 17
    Index Application of Community Satisfaction on Community Services Understanding Case Study of Population and Civil Registration of DKI Jakarta Province
    Authors: Yudo Devianto, Saruni Dwiasnati
    Number of views: 37
  • 18 - 25
    A Systematic Literature Review of Web Content Management System Implementation
    Authors: Sarwati Rahayu
    Number of views: 249
  • 26 - 31
    Modelling Business Activities of Small and Medium Enterprises Using Soft System Methodology
    Authors: Sarwati Rahayu
    Number of views: 31
  • 32 - 36
    Decision Support System Determination Of Business Location (Cake Shop) Using Ahp And Topsis Method
    Authors: Didik Wiguna, Muhammad Ramdhan, Sonny Nugroho Aji, Andi Moch Januriana
    Number of views: 75
  • 37 - 44
    Application Of E-Business On The Application Of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Data Processing
    Authors: Yudo Devianto, Saruni Dwiasnati
    Number of views: 35
  • 45 - 51
    Priority Based Scheduling In Cloud Computing Based On Task - Aware Technique
    Authors: Jeevithra.R, Karthikeyan.T
    Number of views: 33
  • 52 - 58
    Identification With Expression Levels Related To Breast Cancer Prognosis Using Datamining Techniques
    Authors: A.Ramya, G.Silambarasan
    Number of views: 29
  • 59 - 63
    Word Arrangement Model With Opinion Words And Reviews
    Authors: G.Raja Raja Cholan, S.Gayathri
    Number of views: 31
  • 64 - 69
    Development Medium Access Control Using Resource Manager
    Authors: P.Karthik, G.Saranya
    Number of views: 28
  • 70 - 77
    Predictive Scrutiny and Acquaintance based Network Analysis by Sentiment of Opinions with Supervised Learning Algorithms in Social Media
    Authors: K.C. Anju, N. Rojaramani
    Number of views: 31
  • 78 - 80
    Traffical User Control System
    Authors: P.Sakila, J.Iswarya
    Number of views: 28
  • 81 - 86
    Quality Assessment of Soil Moisture Observation by Support Vector Machine and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Environment Prediction
    Authors: P.Karthik, R.Mani
    Number of views: 29
  • 87 - 91
    Web-Based Medical Decision Support Systems For Three-Way Medical Decision Making With Game-Theoretic Rough Sets
    Authors: G.Gayathri, R.Kiruthika
    Number of views: 34

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