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Dnipropetrovsk University bulletin. Geology, geography

Number 27(3), 2018

  • 414-421
    The results of the research of sandstones closed porosity
    Authors: V. A. Baranov, Y. V. Antipovic
    Number of views: 4
  • 422-430
    Geospatial assessment of the Mokra Sura river ecological condition using remote sensing and in situ monitoring data
    Authors: Kharytonov Mykola М.1, Pugach Andriy М.1, Stankevich Sergey А.2, Кozlova Anna O.2
    Number of views: 2
  • 431-4443
    Regional morbidity profile of the Sumy region population by diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue
    Authors: O. H. Kornus1, A. O. Kornus1, V. D. Shyshchuk2, N. M. Nurein2,3
    Number of views: 2
  • 444-452
    Ecological and economic basis of anti-erosion stability of forest-agrarian landscapes
    Authors: І.V.Koshkalda1, V.V.Tyshkovets2 A.A.Suska3
    Number of views: 2
  • 453-465
    Modeling the distribution of land surface temperature for Bystrytsia river basin using Landsat 8 data
    Authors: Kovalchuk I. P.1, Mkrtchian O. S.2, Kovalchuk A. I.3
    Number of views: 2
  • 466-477
    The depth range of the Earth'snatural pulse electromagneticfield (or ENPEMF)
    Authors: Kuzmenko E.D., Bahrii S.M., Dzoba U.O.
    Number of views: 2
  • 478-484
    Dynamics of the temperature regime of the North Atlantic coastal zone as an indicator of changes in the system of thermohaline circulation
    Authors: N.V. Maksymenko, Yu.V. Medvedeva, N.I. Cherkashyna
    Number of views: 1
  • 485-494
    Remote sensing and ground based assessment of distribution of land cover parameters inthe catchment area of Wadi el K’sob M’sila (Algeria)
    Authors: Rebati Nadia1, Bouchenafa Nadia 1, Oulbachir Karima 1, Svideniuk Mykhailo2
    Number of views: 1
  • 495-503
    Natural factors forming the quality of carbonate raw materials
    Authors: K.V. Repina
    Number of views: 2
  • 504-509
    Geological position of riebeckite-containing magnetite ores of Krivoy Rog basin
    Authors: Streltsov V.O., Evtekhov V.D., Evtekhova A.V., Smirnova H.Ya.
    Number of views: 1
  • 510-519
    Construction sands of Podillya: patterns of distribution, resources and use
    Authors: M. Syvyj1, B. Gavrychok1
    Number of views: 1
  • 520-528
    Periodization of the studies of territorial organization of recreation and tourism
    Authors: V.V. Yavorska1, I.V. Hevko2, V.A. Sych1, K.V. Kolomiyets1
    Number of views: 1
  • 529-536
    Social and geographical aspects of development of urbanizational process in Ukraine
    Authors: L.B. Zastavetska, T.B. Zastavetskyi, B.V. Zablotskyi, K.D. Dudarchuk
    Number of views: 1
  • 537-545
    Analysis of the spatial patterns in localization of gold mineralization relative to the system of deep faults in the Chortomlyk greenstone structure of the Ukrainian shield
    Authors: I.V. Zhiltsova1, M.V. Ruzina1, M.L. Malova2, N.V. Bilan1, O.A. Tereshkova1, A.S. Gardysh1
    Number of views: 1

Number VOl.23, №3, 2015

  • 3-16
    The influence of groundwater flow effect on changes of loess soil strength characteristics
    Authors: S.V. Bida, O. V. Kuts
    Number of views: 310
  • 17-23
    Monitoring of the land and geological environment condition in the Eupatorijska arroyo in Dnipropetrovsk
    Authors: L.D. Bogachenko, L.I. Osadcha, T.D. Prokopеnko, T.V. Sibul
    Number of views: 306
  • 24-32
    Phase transformation of goethite into magnetite by reducing with carbohydrates
    Authors: N. O. Dudchenko, V. P. Ponomar
    Number of views: 399
  • 33-37
    Mathematical models of change hydrogeological conditions in the zone of influence of water drainage
    Authors: G. P. Yevgrashkina, O. E. Kalinkina
    Number of views: 317
  • 56-64
    Litology and possibilities of comprehensive using modern alluvium Dnieper
    Authors: V.V. Ivanchenko, M.V. Belitska, I.V. Gavriliuk
    Number of views: 304
  • 65-74
    Biogeochemical features technogenic pollution of soils under the influence chemical industry
    Authors: I.V. Kuraeva, A.A. Kroik, E.G. Musich, Іu.Іu. Voіtіuk, А.V. Matvienko
    Number of views: 333
  • 75-82
    Geological Heritage and Geoscience education in Ukraine
    Authors: V.V. Manyuk
    Number of views: 344
  • 83-89
    Distribution of calciferous nannoplankton in the Campanian of South east European platform
    Authors: A.V. Matveev
    Number of views: 316
  • 90-94
    On the method of forecasting degradation subsiding soil properties
    Authors: T. P. Mokritskaya
    Number of views: 357
  • 95-103
    The newest data on the properties of loess in the conditions of natural occurrence (Dnepropetrovsk)
    Authors: K.A. Samoilych
    Number of views: 320
  • 104-107
    Geodiversity: new category in the development of the Nature reserve fund of Ukraine
    Authors: Kh. M. Samoilova, D. O. Samoilich, V.V. Manyuk
    Number of views: 459
  • 108-113
    Metrication of landscape diversity of the Pavlysh-Verkhnodniprovsk physiographic region
    Authors: O.V. Syzenko
    Number of views: 319
  • 114-124
    Sponge fossils of Middle Dnieper River Upper Eocenian deposits (geological survey sheet area «Kobelyaki»)
    Authors: T.A. Stephanska
    Number of views: 356
  • 129-134
    Mathematical foundations of heat transfer in groundwater.
    Authors: S. V. Zholudyev
    Number of views: 287
  • 137-143
    Forms of occurrence of trace elements in coals and anthracite North-east Donbass near mercury ledge
    Authors: I. V. Udalov
    Number of views: 309
  • 144-151
    Evaluation of migration properties microelements in rivers water Saksahan and Inhulets
    Authors: N.P. Sherstyuk
    Number of views: 340
  • 152-157
    Geochemical features of heavy metals distribution in soils under the influence of the non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises
    Authors: O.V. Yakovenko, I.V. Kuraeva, G.A. Kroik, K.S. Zlobina
    Number of views: 342

Number Vol.22, №3, 2014

  • 5
    Geological component in the formation of natural - reserve fund of Ukraine
    Authors: V. V. Manyuk
    Number of views: 379
  • 5
    Quaternary sediments in Rybalskyi quarry of Dnipropetrovsk
    Authors: V. V. Manyuk
    Number of views: 340
  • 6
    Cartilaginous fish coprolites from Paleogene deposites of Crimea
    Authors: V. S. Dernov, M. M. Udovychenko
    Number of views: 332
  • 6
    Evaluate the accuracy of the numerical solution of hydrogeological problems of mass transfer
    Authors: Galyna Petrivna Yevhrashkina, E. О. Maksymova, О. A. Shulіk, A. V. Omel'chenko
    Number of views: 349
  • 6
    Analisis hydrogeological conditions in the area near mine dump Samara (Western Donbass)
    Authors: N. P. Sherstyuk, O. I. Gezhyy, V. M. Byelik
    Number of views: 366
  • 6
    The analysis method determination granulometric of soil
    Authors: K. O. Samoilych
    Number of views: 335
  • 6
    Evaluation of geochemical mobility of heavy metals in the dump mine rocks Western Donbass
    Authors: N. Y. Yatsechko, O. V. Hatsenko, A. M. Kurylenko
    Number of views: 350
  • 7
    Reserch process geomigration during underground gasification and coal combustion
    Authors: S. V. Zholudyev
    Number of views: 361
  • 7
    Content and the forms of heavy metals in bottom sediments in the zone of industrial pollution sources
    Authors: Y. Y. Voytyuk, I. V. Kurayeva, H. A. Kroyik, S. P. Karmazynenko, O. V. Matsibora
    Number of views: 334
  • 7
    Historical landmarks and second cruises researches AS UkSSR (NAS UKRAINE) in the tropical Atlantic and its implications for further development the oceans and seas geology in Ukraine
    Authors: S. H. Polovka
    Number of views: 353
  • 8
    Analysis hydrogeochemical cituation in the territories adjacent to the storage ponds "Svidovok"
    Authors: Natalia Petrivna Scherstyuk, Anastasia Omelchyuk, Lyudmyla Nosova
    Number of views: 355
  • 9
    Termomagnetic investigations influence coal and organic carbon on transformation structure of hematite to magnetite
    Authors: N. O. Dudchenko, O. B. Bryk
    Number of views: 349
  • 9
    Stratigraphy Cretaceous sediments of the Kerch Peninsula
    Authors: I. I. Ishchenko
    Number of views: 425
  • 10
    Hydrochemical characteristic of surface and groundwater Lisichansk and Almazno-Marevske geological and industrial districts Nnorth-Eastern Donbas
    Authors: Y. V. Udalov
    Number of views: 366
  • 12
    The structural and genetic position uranium-thorium mineralization of Azov megablock
    Authors: A. I. Katalenets
    Number of views: 418
  • 14
    Spicules of Litistidic sponges from the upper Eocene Verhivtsevska depression (Miiddle Dniprean)
    Authors: T. A. Ivanova
    Number of views: 357
  • 16
    Indicia carbonate - ultrabasic massives of Ukrainian Shield
    Authors: S. E. Popovchenko, P. K. Kornyenko
    Number of views: 415
  • 18
    About microfauna Miocene of Pereddobruzhinska depression
    Authors: T. A. Ivanova, O. V. Bondar
    Number of views: 446

Number Vol.21, №3, 2013

  • 20-27
    Distribution and geological meaning Spongiofossily in the Miocene of Southern Ukraine
    Authors: T. A. Ivanova
    Number of views: 386
  • 28-33
    On the question of stratigraphic detail Konkian deposits Borysthenian Bay (southern Ukraine) on the fauna of molluscs
    Authors: D. A. Staryn
    Number of views: 327
  • 37-46
    Structural and lithological characteristics Salt diapir Transcarpatia
    Authors: L. P. Bosevs'ka
    Number of views: 313
  • 46-53
    Geological and Mineralogical-technological features chromite ore from nickel-weathering crusts Average Bug
    Authors: E. S. Perkov
    Number of views: 263
  • 54-59
    Problems ecology and hydrogeology of Western Donbass and ways of solution
    Authors: G. P. Yevhrashkina, O. Y. Sabadash, D. A. Avdeenko
    Number of views: 319
  • 60-64
    Features salization (Sodaformation) soil in superaqueous landscapes zones
    Authors: N. P. Sherstyuk, L. O. Nosova, V. N. Byelik
    Number of views: 312
  • 68-73
    Method of solving problems predictive migration in the zone of water saturation full
    Authors: G. P. Yevhrashkina, O. Y. Sabadash
    Number of views: 279
  • 99-105
    Lithological and geochemical characteristics of distribution of heavy metals in sediments of Kiev metropolis
    Authors: I. V. Kurayeva, О. R. Akimova, H. A. Kroyik
    Number of views: 331
  • 123-128
    Forms of occurrence and genesis of toxic elements in host rocks of coal mining areas of tectonic structures mining region of Lugansk.
    Authors: I. V. Udalov
    Number of views: 279
  • 134-138
    Investigating movement of heat and water generators at work underground
    Authors: S. V. Zholudyev
    Number of views: 298
  • 139-145
    Endodynamic dependence exogenous relief processes in mountain Geosystems Azerbaijani part of the Lesser Caucasus (for example, the north-eastern slope).
    Authors: S. A. Tarykhazer, S. A. Mamyeva
    Number of views: 289
  • 145-154
    Paleontology-stratigraphic school in Ukraie and its modern achievementsin in branch of oceans and seas
    Authors: S. G. Polovka
    Number of views: 327

Number Vol.20,№3, 2012

  • 6
    Sulfur in coals Petrovske deposit of Starobelsky coal-bearing areas
    Authors: Varfolomii Stepanovych Savchuk, Vasyl Fedorovych Prykhodchenko, E A Kuzmenko
    Number of views: 377
  • 38-41
    Objects of geological heritage in the formation of the Nature Reserve fund of Ukraine
    Authors: Volodymyr Manyuk, Vadym Manyuk
    Number of views: 322
  • 42-46
    Regularities in changes hydrogeological conditions in the territories adjacent to the tailings "Gully Stukanova" in the Western Donbass
    Authors: Yevhrashkina H.P., Sabadash O.E.
    Number of views: 346
  • 47-52
    Forecast level in the groundwater regime in the territory adjacent to the pond - storage devices waste mine water "Svidovok"
    Authors: Halyna Petrivna Yevhrashkina, Anastasiya Omelchuk
    Number of views: 336
  • 62-64
    Salt transport patterns on the mine dumps Western Donbass, paved no rehabilitation
    Authors: Yevhrashkina H.P., Hezhiy O.I., Severina E.R.
    Number of views: 320
  • 73-77
    Mathematical model of vertical mass transport in the mine dumps Western Donbass
    Authors: Halyna Petrivna Yevhrashkina, Larisa Vladlenivna Dotsenko
    Number of views: 329
  • 82-85
    Methodological aspects of forecasting salt regime of irrigated land on the example of the Frunze massif
    Authors: Yevhrashkina H.P., Tetyana Sibul' T.V.
    Number of views: 321
  • 97-100
    Assessment of toxicity and hazard class slag of incinerator
    Authors: Demura V.I.
    Number of views: 322
  • 103-107
    Mathematical modelling of motion heat in mountain ranges
    Authors: Hayday K., Zholudyev S.V.
    Number of views: 361
  • 108-113
    From mobilizm over fiksyzm to neomobilizm
    Authors: Polovka S.H.
    Number of views: 397

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